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What are the raw materials of HEPA air filter?

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What kind of filter cotton is commonly used We usually divide them into three categories:What kinds of air filter material is divided into?

First, synthetic fiber filter cotton:

Synthetic fiber filtercotton is a new type of filter material, which has low resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection (incineration) and high cost performance. Polyester fiber as the main raw material, with good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance to a certain extent.

What kinds of air filter material is divided into?

Second, non-woven filter cotton:

Non-woven fabric is one of the materials with mature technology and stable performance. Melt-blown, needle-punched, spunbond and other processes, through the production of large dust tolerance, strong moisture resistance, relatively longer service life, economic and durable. Non-woven fabrics are also used as raw materials for earlier air filters. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of technology, the emergence of composite non-woven fabric has greatly improved its filtration performance, has been widely used in the air cleanliness of relatively high requirements of the place.

What kinds of air filter material is divided into?

Third, glass fiber filter cotton:

Glass fiber filter cotton is mainly made of glass fiber of different thickness and length through special technology. Glass fiber with its stable performance, high temperature resistance, high efficiency, large capacity, long service life and other characteristics of the industry ranks among the best. Favored in some special places. But glass fiber must be transported with special care, and its price is relatively expensive. Household air filtration products can choose cost-effective filtration products.

Customers have different requirements for air cleanliness in the use place, so they need to choose different levels of air filters with different cost performance. In consideration of the filtration efficiency at the same time, but also to consider the cost of subsequent replacement of air filter and filter stability and other issues. Hope the above answers can help you.

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