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What are the high-efficiency filters and how to choose it?

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Everyone knows that air pollution is serious now, and there are lots of emerging products. appears in our lives.

The filter is widely used in industry. Its main job is to capture the dust and various suspended solids, and mainly play a filtering function. Moreover, the effect is different according to different materials, and its characteristics are relatively good filterability, low resistance, and strong adsorption. Filters are widely used in industrial production.

The types of high-efficiency filtersare also divided into filters with partitions and filters without partitions.Under normal circumstances, filters with partitions are made of ultra-fine glass fiber as the filter paper, and aluminum foil as the partition, which is combined with a wooden frame or an aluminum alloy frame. Its advantages are good filtering effect, low resistance, and large air flow. this kind of filter is widely used in purification equipment and clean workshops.

Filters without partitions also use ultra-fine glass fiber as filter paper. Compared with partitions HEPA filter, HEPA high-efficiency has the advantages of smaller volume, lighter weight, and reliable performance. The result of the comparison between the two is that under the same size, the filter without partition has the advantages of lower resistance and longer service life.

Choosing the right filter must first be selected according to your own needs. The effect of different materials is also different, you should consider several points while choosing the suitable filter. The first is the scale of the manufacturer. Good manufacturer also determines the quality and variety of products. Try to choose a large manufacturer as much as possible. The second is cost-effectiveness. The choice of products should be based on cost-effectiveness. If the price is too high,it is also inappropriate. Finally, there is after-sales service. When problems occur during the use of the product, they can be resolved in time.

The above is the function of the high-efficiency filter and how to choose it. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of filters. With the improvement of living standards, people are also pursuing physical health and filters are also entering people's lives. Therefore, knowing more about filters is also helpful for future use.


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