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 What are HVAC Filters used for?

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The purpose of HVAC air filters may vary according to individual needs.The primary purpose of HVAC air filters is to prevent indoor system components from becoming clogged with dust and other foreign matter.


Indoor air conditioning unit with evaporator.It is one of the four major air conditioning components (compressor, condenser, expansion unit).If there is no air-conditioning filter or HVAC air filter is not replaced, these will happen in the air-conditioning unit:


Air conditioning units will lose cooling efficiency, polluting the indoor air, and air conditioners use more energy.Without HVAC air filters, blower blades can also be filled with dirt, eventually damaging the air-conditioning duct system.


The most painful experience homeowners have had is replacing central air-conditioning units.Yes, if there is no HVAC air filter or HVAC air filter is not replaced, it will shorten the service life of air-conditioning units.


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