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The Role of the Air Purifier

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1. Dust removal

The biggest function of the air purifier is to remove dust and absorb the suspended dust in the air, which can effectively remove dust, ash, pollen and other particles in the room. The room with the air purifier has less dust and does not feel dirty. The purifier is a good product for people who are sensitive to dusty nasal cavity


2. Except odor

The air purifier can effectively remove the smell of the room, the smell of smoke, the smell of new house decoration, the taste of furniture, and the odor of spicy food such as hot pot can be quickly cleaned and removed by the air purifier, which can maintain the smell of indoor cleaning.


3. Sterilization

Air purifiers also have a certain sterilization effect. Different brands of air purifiers have different sterilization principles, mainly by adsorbing and decomposing harmful substances such as bacteria, allergens, and germs in the air to improve air cleanliness.


4. Eliminate formaldehyde

The effect of air purifiers to eliminate formaldehyde is the most concerned part of consumers. The formaldehyde in new houses closely affects people's lives. Generally speaking, the release of formaldehyde is related to the decoration materials. The way of combining air purifiers with window ventilation is to compare The ideal way to eliminate formaldehyde.

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