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Kitchen Fume Filter Equipment Features

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1、 The kitchen fume filter is safe and fireproof: it effectively filters the soot at the front end of the hood, so that the oil consumption of the hood and the pipe is reduced by more than 90%. The equipment is made of special alloy material, which is resistant to high temperature and effectively blocks the high temperature fire source of 700 degrees. Fire hazard in the flue.

2、 The kitchen fume filter has a high purification rate: the fume purification effect meets (exceeds) the national standard, and the purification process is not affected by the composition of the fume and the concentration change.

3、 Kitchen fume filter environmental protection and energy saving: the product is used, no water, no electricity, no noise, no trouble to replace parts, and save costs. Long-term use does not change, installation and maintenance costs are small. We have mastered the key technologies of the new (fireproof) lampblack purifier. To achieve advanced technology.

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