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The use of humidifiers

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In the modern engineering design, the good environment brings the human body and the product benefit, the workshop, the production workshop, the warehouse, the office and the family environment control more and more receives people's attention.For example, in winter, indoor drying, air humidity is lower than the standard humidity (40% rh-60% RH), dry environment will lead to water loss, accelerate the aging of life.Humidifier can create ideal indoor humidity, care for family health.Three basic environmental controls: air quality, temperature, and relative humidity.Relative humidity is the most easy to be ignored, appropriate relative humidity control is also corresponding to the energy saving and work efficiency of one of the important factors.


Generally speaking, temperature has the most direct effect on how people feel about their living environment.Similarly, humidity can affect people's life and health.With the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioning is widely used, leading to the breeding of air conditioning diseases such as tight skin, dry tongue, cough and cold.Scientific proof, air humidity and human health and daily life has a close relationship.Medical research shows, bedroom humidity achieves 45~65%RH, temperature is in 20~25 degrees when, the person's body, thinking is in good condition, no matter work, rest can receive ideal result.


In fact, humidifier also has a lot of magic, such as adding a few drops of vinegar in the humidifier, can play the role of sterilization.Add lavender essential oil to your humidifier at night to improve your sleep.The appropriate humidification in the bedroom effectively maintains woodiness furniture not be out of shape, just brush metope not craze to wait.In fact, a lot of benefits, is how to use.


The use of humidifiers

1. Use a humidifier to cut Onions so they don't cry.

2. Put a humidifier next to your computer to eliminate static electricity.


Attention!Use ultrasonic humidifier to use pure water to prevent the secondary pollution of calcium and magnesium ions in the water to the air!



1. Before cleaning, please first put the power switch on the main machine in the "off" position and pull the plug, so that cleaning is safer and will not cause electric shock.

2. It should be noted that before pumping the water tank, please pour water into the main engine, otherwise the water will easily flow into the body and damage the parts.

3. Please use professional detergent when cleaning.During use, pour the detergent solution into the main storage tank and gently shake to fully dissolve the scale.

4. When cleaning limes, clean the area around the tank with a soft brush, but be careful not to let gravity shock the oscillator, which can damage it.

5. Clean the water level sensor with a soft brush and be sure to clean the scale, otherwise it will cause blockage and affect the normal operation of the machine.

6. After cleaning, pour the detergent into the sink

7. After pouring out the solution, rinse the sink with clean water.Don't splash the water on the exit; pour it out.

8. During the scaling process, it is strictly prohibited to use hard objects to scrape off the energy sheet, otherwise it will lead to the use of no fog next time.

9. In normal use, pay attention to the replacement of accessories. Water softeners need to be updated regularly.

Humidifier features


1. The box is made of stainless steel with atomization movement.

2. Modular integration, the chip can be replaced independently for a single movement.

3. No mechanical operation, with water level protection switch, reliable operation.

4. High atomization efficiency.The atomized particle size of the whole machine is only 1-10, and the gasification efficiency can reach 100%.

It has the functions of automatic water filling, water shortage protection and water overflow, and can be equipped with drainage device and soft water device to meet the requirements of non-calcification white powder pollution.


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