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The Role of Air Purifiers

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The haze reminds the city people again and again, the air pollution has become increasingly serious, the air quality we breathe is getting worse and worse, more and more people are afraid to go out, the appearance of air purifier can purify the indoor air clean, then to introduce the role of air purifier. 

1. Dust removal

The biggest effect of air purifier is dust removal, adsorption of suspended dust in the air, can effectively remove the dust in the room, dust, pollen and other particles, put the room with air purifier, dust less, mop the floor does not feel dirty, air purifier for the nasal sensitive to dust is a good product.

2. In addition to smell

The air purifier can effectively remove the peculiar smell, the smell of smoke, the peculiar smell of new house decoration, the smell of furniture, as well as the peculiar smell left by eating hot pot and other spicy food can be quickly purified and removed by the air purifier, which can keep the peculiar smell of indoor cleaning materials.

3. In addition to the bacteria

Air purifier also has a certain degermicidal effect, different brands of air purifier sterilization principle is different, mainly through the absorption and decomposition of the air bacteria, allergens, germs and other harmful substances, and improve the cleanliness of the air.

4. In addition to formaldehyde

Air purifier place formaldehyde this one effect is the part that consumer pays close attention to most, the formaldehyde of bridal chamber affects people life closely, generally speaking, the release of formaldehyde is concerned with decorating material, the way that air purifier and open a window take a breath combines is more ideal eliminate formaldehyde way.

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