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The Role of Activated Carbon Filters

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The principle of adsorption of activated carbon is to form a balanced surface concentration on the surface of the particles. The size of the activated carbon particles also has an effect on the adsorption capacity. In general, the smaller the activated carbon particles, the larger the filtration area. Therefore, the powdered activated carbon has the largest total area and the best adsorption effect, but the powdered activated carbon easily flows into the water tank with water, which is difficult to control and is rarely used. Granular activated carbon is not easy to flow due to particle formation, and impurities such as organic substances in water are not easily blocked in the activated carbon filter layer, and its adsorption capacity is strong, and it is convenient to carry and replace.

The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is proportional to the time of contact with water. The longer the contact time, the better the water quality after filtration. Note: The filtered water should flow out of the filter layer slowly. The new activated carbon should be cleaned before the first use, otherwise black ink will flow out. Before the activated carbon is loaded into the filter, a sponge of 2 to 3 cm thick should be placed on the bottom and top to prevent large particles of algae from penetrating into the filter. After 2 to 3 months of use of the activated carbon, if the filtration effect is reduced, it should be exchanged. New activated carbon and sponge layers should be replaced regularly.

The activated carbon filter pressure vessel is a pressure vessel filled with a thick quartz sand cushion and high quality activated carbon.

A balanced surface concentration is formed on the surface of the activated carbon particles, and the organic substance impurities are adsorbed into the activated carbon particles, and the initial adsorption effect is high. However, after a long period of time, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon will be weakened to varying degrees, and the adsorption effect will also decrease. If the water in the aquarium is turbid and the organic content of the water is high, the activated carbon will soon lose its filtering function. Therefore, activated carbon should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Active carbon true hepa filters for cf8410 air purifiers

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