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Properties and Characteristics of Activated Carbon Air Filters

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You may wonder that what is the activated carbon air filter, if this is a particularly important component of air purifier which you could be have a impression that it is many benefits to human’s body. So, what is the special performances and the characteristics of the activated carbon filter?


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What's the price of the activated carbon air filter?


A lot of people in the understanding of the knowledge of activated carbon air filter price is not a lot, because now the price of air filter of the affected factors are more, the price of air filter of different brand is different. Of course, in addition to the price, you also need to know the  special performances and the characteristics of the activated carbon filter.


Activated carbon air filter working principle:

Activated carbon air filter is designed for central air conditioning and central ventilation system, clean air odor and harmful gases.


Activated carbon air filter using range:

Designed for central air conditioning and ventilation system, remove the odor and harmful gas in air, according to actual needs to provide a variety of special activated carbon materials, such as volatile organic compounds, acid and alkaline gas, formaldehyde, mercury vapor, radioactive gas granular activated carbon is activated carbon filter is used to further remove the remaining residual chlorine in the mechanical filter water impurities, organic matter, suspended solids, provide good conditions for subsequent reverse osmosis treatment.


Characteristics of activated carbon air filters:

1. Some activated carbon home air filters advocate one-time removal, but the release of the poison of home is a slow process, in addition to the so today, in a few days and have the taste of poisonous gas, and the price is not low. However, the effective adsorption period of activated carbon is 1 year, which is suitable for it.


2. The purpose of disinfection and deodorization can be achieved in refrigerators, toilets and cars for various purposes.


3. The air filter deodorizes and detoxifies by the physical action of activated carbon: no chemical additive, no influence on human being.


4. Breathable packaging, easy to use, low price of activated carbon, can be used repeatedly in the hot sun, easy to preserve, under the sealing conditions 5-10 years does not go bad.


5. Drug treatment such as spray may damage furniture, while activated carbon is physically adsorbed, safe, harmless to human body, and has antivirus and antiseptic effects on home.

 Activated Carbon HEPA Filters for Levoit LV Pur131 RF Air Purifiers

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