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Inspection of vacuum cleaners

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Ⅰ. inspection of the dust collection system:


1. Airflow suction power (W) test: when the vacuum cleaner consumption power in 200W below, 300-400w, 500W above, the airflow suction power should be 10%, 20%, 30% of the consumption power;


2. Vacuuming test: including carpet vacuuming test, hard ground vacuuming test, hard ground vacuuming test with holes and joints, and furniture furnishings vacuuming test, should meet the standard requirements;


3. suction test: including the test of suction from carpets and furniture covers;


4. total dust collection test: with the new filter dust bag, according to the specified type of dust, distribution speed (20±2g/min) test.During the test, the air flow gradually decreases. When the air flow decreases to 40% of the initial value, stop the test and weigh the total weight of the dust in the dust collection bag.


5.  discharge air dust test: used to test the effect of dust filter, at the same time to find whether there is a vacuum cleaner internal leakage phenomenon;


6. suction nozzle on the carpet moving resistance: when working with the spring scale test, check the performance of the suction nozzle.


Ⅱ. Inspection of electrical parts:


1. Voltage fluctuation performance test: at the rated frequency, when the voltage and rated value difference of ±10%, the vacuum cleaner can still work normally;Starting performance test: at the rated frequency, 90% rated voltage, the motor rotor in any position, can make the vacuum cleaner start;


2. input power: in the rated frequency, rated voltage, the vacuum cleaner in the standard test state operation, when the power consumption reaches a stable state, the input power must not exceed the rated input power 10%;


3. Temperature rise: the highest ambient temperature is 40℃, the insulation of the motor winding is A, E, B, F, H class, the temperature rise of the winding should be 60,75,80,100,125 ℃(measured by the resistance method);


4. Overspeed test: at the rated frequency, 130% rated voltage, the suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner will be closed, run for 30s, no abnormal conditions;


5. Switch operating life: under the rated voltage, maximum load current and corresponding power factor, switch 20 times per minute, a total of 5000 times.Under the rotor blocking current and power factor at the rated frequency of 120% of the rated voltage, switch 4 times per minute for a total of 5min.


6. insulation resistance: use 500 v megohmmeter test, the insulation resistance between the live part and shell should be not less than 2 m Ω;


7. Voltage resistance strength: between the live part of the vacuum cleaner and the shell, should be able to withstand the ac 1500V voltage test, lasting 1min, without flashover and breakdown;


8. leakage current test: when 1.06 times the rated voltage is applied to the vacuum cleaner, the leakage current should not exceed 0.75ma;


9. Noise test: should be carried out in semi-silenced room, the average noise of vacuum cleaner should not exceed 70dB.


10. Vacuum cleaner to everyone's life has brought a lot of convenience, let us in the cleaning can be more relaxed, now has become a good helper of our home life.


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