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How to extend the service life of air purifier?

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Things to note when using:


1. Quick purification: at the beginning of the operation of the air purifier, it is recommended to run at the maximum air volume for at least 30 minutes and then adjust to other Settings to achieve the effect of rapid air purification.


2. Purification of pollution: when using air purifier to remove outdoor air pollutants, it is recommended to keep the doors and Windows in a relatively sealed state as far as possible to avoid the reduction of purification effect caused by a large number of indoor and outdoor air circulation.Use for a long time, should pay attention to periodical ventilation.


3. Decoration and purification: if it is used to purify indoor gaseous pollution (such as formaldehyde, beng, toluene, etc.) after decoration, it is recommended to use after effective ventilation.


4. Guarantee effect: replace or clean the filter regularly to ensure the purification effect of the air purifier, and avoid secondary emission of pollutants adsorbed by the failed filter.


5. Long-term unused: before starting the air purifier that has not been used for a long time again, please check the cleaning degree of the inner wall and the filter state, do the corresponding cleaning work, and replace the filter if necessary.


Maintenance method


Air purifier and water purifier, all need to be cleaned regularly, some need to replace the filter, filter etc to maintain its purifying effect.The maintenance and maintenance of air purifiers depends on different brands and types of air purifiers.


Ⅰ. filter purifier:


1. The front filter (generally the rear cover of the case) will collect some dust after a long time of use, thus affecting the air inlet and the air purification effect.So, need to use vacuum machine to suck dirt, or clean with dishcloth, even wash.


2. Filter screen, part of the filter screen is to be taken to the sun regularly to bask in the sun, purification efficiency can be better to maintain, such as activated carbon filter screen.


3. Deodorization filter, deodorization filter of a few brands of air purifier, to achieve the technical level of washable, can be washed, that is, to maintain the purification efficiency, to extend the filter replacement cycle.


4. The ion generator is built in, which does not need cleaning. The better ion generator has higher working efficiency.


The dust filter or collecting plate in the air purifier should be cleaned frequently, usually once a week, the foam plastic or plate with soapy liquid cleaning and drying before use, in order to keep the flow of air free and sanitary.Fan, electrode dust more, to be removed, generally every half a year maintenance.Dust on each electrode and blade can be brushed with a long hair brush.When the air purifier is not in use, it should be cleaned and put into the packaging box and stored in a ventilated and dry place.At ordinary times should pay attention to damp proof, lest be affected by damp and reduce use efficiency or damage.


Ⅱ, electrostatic purifier


Generally only clean electrostatic module or dust collection module, the method is simple.Wipe with a brush or cloth, or rinse in clean water and air dry.


Replacement Filter for Blueair Pure 411 Air Cleaner Purifier

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