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How to choose the right size air purifier for your room

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When you need to buy an air purifier, you need to consider a number of aspects to select the best air purifier for your room. Modern air purifiers are equipped with various air filters, remote controls, digital panel, WIFI operations and so on. So the air air purifier options are diverse.


Even if you choose all the right features and buy one of the most expensive models, it may become completely useless if you don't consider coverage. Some air purifier manufacturers design and produce different sizes of air purifier for different coverage area, while other manufacturers offer a general model for an average room size.


In fact, some people make negative comments about air purifier, one of the main reasons is the air purifiers was that there is no effect. However, if the unit is equipped with a proper air filtration system, the air purifier can filter the air well. The reason why you might not feel the difference is that you didn’t buy the right air purifier model for your room size.


You might say that there is nothing complicated about determining the size. In fact, all the manufacturers put an “approximate” coverage area in the air purifier’s description. However, reading the numbers on the label is not that easy. Some manufacturers use a few tricks to make you believe that the unit can clean a bigger room than it actually can.



You are choosing an air purifier online or in the store and the label says that the unit can clean up to 1000 square feet. You probably don’t have a room that size in your house, but you may still choose it. When people see such a big number, they immediately decide that this air purifier will service the whole floor in their home. They bring the big air purifier home, turn it on and get absolutely no results. Why? Because the number they read on the label didn’t refer to the area of the room, it referred to the surface area.


What’s the difference? Let’s say you have a square room with the length of about 16 feet.


Area of the room = 16 x 16 = 256 square feet

Surface area of the room =16x16x6 – 1536 square feet.


So, in reality, such an air purifier can service a room with an area of less than 170 square feet. When you are choosing an air purifier, make sure you read the label carefully. Any number you see that has a “surface area” after it should make you wary.


Most of manufacturers will be honest about the size of the room the air purifier they sell can service. However, let’s not forget that the testing of these units was usually done in an ideal environment. Which means that they placed the air purifier in a clean room without too many dusty surfaces, no pets, no smoke, and other pollutants. Most likely, it was tested in a room where many other air purifiers were tested before it, so the air was more or less clean.


The more people, pets, and furniture there is in the room, the worse the output of the air purifier will be. In fact, you might want to consider buying a purifier for a room larger than you actually have. This way you’ll be sure that it will show the results the manufacturer promised on the label.


In fact, you might want to consider buying a purifier for a room larger than you actually have. This way you’ll be sure that it will show the results the manufacturer promised on the label.




In order to achieve the best air purifier, you need to put the air purifier in the middle of the room, this will give it more opportunity to quickly filter all the air. However, placing air purifier at one end of the room does not make filtering worse, but it may take longer to reach a good level of filtering. Eventually, the air purifier will clean the whole room.


It is wrong to put the air purifier in the corner or hide behind the sofa. Some air purifiers allow this installation because air intake is done from the top and side. However, many air purifiers on the market have air purifiers entering or discharging from behind. By placing the air purifier on the wall, you will significantly reduce its capabilities. In fact, even if there is no air circulation done from the back of the unit, placing it tightly against the wall or the couch is not a good idea. Many units are powerful and get hot when working. By placing such an air purifier close to an obstacle, you’ll significantly reduce its lifespan.


Ideally, you should put your air purifier in the middle of the room and on some elevated surfaces, such as a coffee table. If this is not feasible, try to keep it as close to the middle of the room as possible. Avoid walls, sofas and other obstacles.


Smokers tend to smoke in specific rooms or turn on air purifiers while smoking. If you are looking for an air purifier to remove the smell of smoke, it is a good idea to place the machine close to the smoke.


Of course, the right installation plays a significant role in the purification process. You mtight choose the perfect air purifier for your room size and end up being dissatisfied with the results due to the wrong installation.



Most of the air purifiers have a CADR rating. The easiest way to determine the right size of the air purifier for your room is to use the following formula:


CADR x 1.55 = Square footage of your room.


If you follow this formula, you’ll get the fastest air purification results for your room.


Each unit has 3 CADR values: smoke, pollen, and dust. Most of the time, they are the same. If they are not, pick the smallest one for the most accurate results. It doesn’t mean that an air purifier with a low CADR rating won’t clean a large room. It will just take longer for it to do it.


ACH stands for air changes per hour and shows you how many times the air in the room of the suggested size can be filtered in one hour. Buying an air purifier that has an ACH rating less than 2x is not a good idea. If you are an asthma sufferer, you might want to consider a 4x ACH rating for your air purifier.


When it comes to an “ideal” room without too many outside factors, a big number of surfaces or inhabitants without respiratory conditions, choosing the right size of air purifier is much easier. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Noise is a huge factor when it comes to choosing the right air purifier. When you buy an air purifier with the manufacturer-recommended coverage area of 300 square feet and place it in the room just this size, it will need to run on at least the medium fan setting to do the proper job.


You need to pay close attention to the noise level the air purifier makes. Most of the time, only the lowest fan setting is appropriate for a bedroom. Anything higher will wake you up during the night or make sleeping uncomfortable. If you want the air purifier to do a good job at the lowest fan setting, buy a unit, which has a recommended coverage area larger than the square footage of your room.


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