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How to choose HEPA filter for household air filtration equipment?

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Air filters are widely used in home air purifiers, fresh air systems, central air conditioning in shopping malls and office buildings, production purification workshops and clean rooms. When selecting corresponding purification equipment, we do not recommend blindly selecting only expensive ones, but suitable ones. When purchasing household air filtration equipment, you should not blindly pursue too high purification efficiency, otherwise the subsequent replacement of noise and consumables will bring you a lot of trouble.


Generally, HEPA filter at the end determines the filtration efficiency of an air filtration equipment. HEPA filter paper, the raw material of HEPA high-efficiency filter, is mainly composed of ultra-fine polypropylene (PP) fiber filter paper or glass fiber filter paper. PP is mostly used in household air filtration equipment. Its advantage is that the resistance is lower than glass fiber filter paper, but the attenuation will be faster than glass fiber filter paper, The filtration efficiency of glass fiber is relatively stable. Early air filters, especially high-efficiency air filters, mostly used glass fiber filter paper. However, with the development of science and technology and the progress of the times, new chemical fiber filter materials continue to emerge, so they are gradually replaced by chemical fiber filter materials. However, in high-efficiency filtration, especially in occasions with very strict requirements on cleanliness (industry or clean room), Glass fiber filters are still in the majority.


The air purification equipment can effectively purify the air in the rated space within a certain period of time. The filtration efficiency of different levels of air filters after they are put into the air purifier is different. H11 / H12 / H13 levels are commonly used in household air purifiers. The higher the level, the greater the resistance. If the resistance is large and the excess air volume becomes small, the Cadr value will weaken, and the high resistance is relatively easier to reach the final resistance, causing the pressure gauge to alarm in advance, resulting in the need to replace HEPA HEPA filter in advance.


Therefore, for domestic air filtration equipment, we suggest to select H11-H13 grade in design, and pay attention to the balance of filtration efficiency and resistance.

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