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How to buy an air purifier?

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    In recent years, the survival of our environment is the serious pollution, most of our life time is spent in indoor, the problem such as formaldehyde, toxic particles by the attention of many people, so more and more people are concerned about air quality, care about our indoor environment to survive, especially new crown outbreak this year, the air purifier market warms up quickly, The brands of the air purifier industry have mushroomed, but to a certain extent, it has also caused the market brand disorder, the purification principle is diverse, the purification effect is uneven, some enterprises even exaggerate or falsely advertise their products, and ultimately harm us consumers who are half-informed. So when you buy an air purifier, you must understand the principle of the air purifier, so that we can buy the most satisfactory products with the least money.

    How to buy an air purifier? Just look at the following indicators purification performance (CADR), filter life (CCM), purification energy efficiency, noise can be.


    CADR: refers to the amount of clean air, that is, the total output of clean air filtered by the purifier per unit of time (unit: m/h), including CADR of particulate matter and formaldehyde. The CADR value is the volume of clean air provided by the air purifier per hour and measures the purification efficiency of the air purifier. For example, if the CADR of particulate matter is 500 m/h, it means that 500 cubic meters of airborne particulate matter can be purified in one hour. Theoretically speaking, the larger the CADR value, the faster the purification speed and the larger the applicable room area. There is a calculation formula: applicable room area =CADR value * (0.07-0.12). For example, the CADR of the air purifier is 600 cubic meters/hour, and its applicable area is 600*0.07 or 0.12=42-72 square meters.

    However, it is worth noting that the higher the CADR, the more noise the purifier may be, so higher CADR is not always better when home comfort is considered.

    CCM: indicates the total weight of the accumulated purified pollutants (particulate matter or formaldehyde) when the CADR value drops to 50%. The unit is mg. It represents the continuous purification capacity of the air purifier, and can also be understood as the service life of the filter screen. The CCM of particulate matter is represented by P, which is divided into four grades from high to low: P4, P3, P2 and P1. The CCM of formaldehyde is represented by F, which is divided into F4, F3, F2 and F1 from high to low. From its definition, we can know that the CCM value is related to the life of the filter screen of the air purifier. The greater its value, the longer the service life of the filter screen and the lower the replacement cost.

    Noise: The noise standard varies with the CADR value, which refers to the volume produced when the air purifier reaches the maximum CADR value. When CADR≤150m/h, the machine noise standard should be ≤55 dB; When 150<CADR<300m/h, the machine noise standard should be less than 61 dB; When 300<CADR≤450m/h, machine noise should be less than 66 dB; When CADR>450m/h, machine noise should be less than or equal to 70 dB. The lower the noise, the better.

    For our ordinary users, if you want to buy a good air purifier, just remember the standard of "three high and one low", namely high CADR value, high CCM value, high purification energy efficiency and low noise. Of course, all four conditions must be met in order to be called a good air purifier.

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