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How to Clean the HEPA Filter

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Blue Sky Filter True Manufacturer to make True HEPA Filters

With the development of industry and the progress of society, people's living standard has been greatly improved, but the air quality is getting worse. In order to improve air quality, many family choose air purifiers to protect the health of their families, but do you know how to clean the HEPA filter?


Generally, the washable or permanent HEPA filters are easy to maintain and can greatly reduces the cost of replacing filters. If your air purifier or vacuum cleaner uses a air HEPA filter, you should check its product manual before attempting to clean the air filter.


Cleaning a Washable HEPA Filter


Step1: Check your product manual to see if you can wash your air filter.

Before attempting to clean a HEPA filter, you’ll need to find out whether or not it’s washable. Some filters need to be rinsed out periodically, while any contact with water will ruin others.

If you don't have your product manual, you can search online for your appliance's manufacturer and model number to download a digital copy.

Washable HEPA filters are used in both air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.


Step2: Disassemble the appliance outside to prevent releasing dirt and debris in your home. 

Larger filters can be cumbersome and hold lots of dirt and debris that you might not want to release into your house. Take your appliance outside or to the garage to remove and clean the filter if you're concerned about your home's air quality. Just make sure you're within reach of a garden hose or water faucet.

If your filter is small and easy to handle, or if you're not worried about spilling any dust, you can just remove the filter indoors and rinse it in a sink.

Step3: Remove the filter from your appliance. 

Make sure your air purifier or vacuum cleaner is turned off and unplugged. Remove the canister or panel that encases the HEPA filter, then slide the filter out of the appliance.

Check your product guide if you’re not sure how to access the HEPA filter.

Never operate an air purifier or vacuum cleaner without a air filter.


Step4: Tap the air filter over a trash can to loosen debris. 

The air filter might be caked with dirt and debris, depending on the type of appliance and how often you clean the filter. If necessary, you can gently tap the filter over a garbage can. This will knock off excess debris and loosen any built up dirt.


Step5: Rinse the HEPA air filter with water.

You should use gentle or moderate pressure, as high pressure could ruin the air filter. Rinse the filter until the water runs clear and dirt free.

Some manufacturers recommend a lukewarm water rinse, while others stipulate cold water only, so check your product guide for the best water temperature for your specific filter.

In general, you should rinse both sides of a washable flat filter. Cylindrical wet/dry vacuum filters should only be rinsed on their exterior and should not get wet inside the cylinder.


Step6: Make sure your air filter is dry completely before reinstalling it. 

All washable HEPA filters must dry completely before reinstallation. Shake off excess water, then leave your filter out to air dry for at least 24 hours.

Never put your air filter in a clothes dryer, use a blower dryer, or use any method other than natural air drying.


If your HEPA filter is washable, you can wash your filter regularly as described above, keeping the air filter clean can help you keep your ambient air fresh more effectively. For more efficient air filter products, like HEPA Filter, Air Purifier Filter, Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bag and Filter HVAC filter, etc., you can browse our website or contact us.

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