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How To Get Rid of Dust In Your Home?

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You can never completely get rid of the dust of your home, but you can eliminate as much as possible. As we've already discussed, the parts that make up the dust can cause serious health problems, make your family feel dirty, and pollute the air you breathe. Here are some tips on how to properly remove dust from your home.


1. Clean from top to bottom

When you clean from the bottom up, you won’t be able to remove dust as thoroughly, since the dust from the higher places will settle to where you’ve already cleaned. Cleaning from top to bottom eliminates this problem.


2. Use a damp cloth to dust

Don’t use a feather duster to remove dust from surfaces. All this actually does is release the dust back into the air to settle down elsewhere. Instead, wet a cloth with water, surface cleaner, or furniture polish and dust with that. This traps the dust, allowing you to get the surfaces completely clean.


3. Don’t wear shoes in the house

Up to 60% of dust particles are tracked in from outside, you can leave your dirty shoes outside, dust them off and bring them into the room.


4. Change your bedding weekly

Dust mites, pet dander, and dead skin, are three things commonly found in dust, they can be collected in your bed. Washing your sheets and comforter weekly will help cut down on the amount of pollutants you find in your home.


5. Clean and dust your electronics

In addition to cleaning other surfaces in your home, special attention should be paid to your electronics. Keeping them dust-free will not only lessen the overall dust in your home but will keep your electronics in better working order.


6. Clean your floors regularly

Choose hardwood flooring if possible. It is much easier to dust off the uncarpeted floor. If this is not an option, be sure to regularly use vacuum with HEPA filter vacuum.


7. Keep air circulating

As you clean, dust can float in the air and take hours to settle back down. You can combat this by opening a window and turning on a fan so fresh air will circulate into your home.


8. Keep humidity levels low

Keeping humidity at 40% or less can help your home reduce the number of dust mites that like moisture.


9. Change air filters

Air filters in air-conditioning and air-conditioning equipment can be mixed with dust, dust mites and pet dander. replacing them regularly helps prevent dust collection and makes the air in your home easier to breathe.


10. Declutter

Clutter may not seem like a big deal but it’s very attractive to dust. The more organized your home is, the fewer places dust will be able to settle.


11. Pest control

Even if you haven't seen cockroaches or other pests at home, being prepared for pest control is a good idea for your home and yard. Here, prevention is key, because when pests begin to enter, it is difficult to control them.


Although you can never completely clean up dust, you can take steps to minimize exposure to dust by your family. By regularly and thoroughly cleaning, you can clean up as much dust as possible so that you can improve the air quality in your home and keep yourself and your family healthy.

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