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How Often is the Cabin Air or Fuel Filter Changed?

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In general, we recommend that you change your filter every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, but check your owner's manual for a specific schedule for changing your filter.


Any automotive filter will eventually age and be contaminated with contaminants and debris. When this happens, the filter loses its effectiveness and interferes with the performance of the parts it should protect.


When your air filter is dirty, your engine is forced to work harder, resulting in poorer fuel economy, higher emissions, and possibly a loss of engine power.And, in the worst case, clogging cabin air filters can degrade the performance of the air-conditioning system, reducing the flow of air through the cabin vents.It can also cause the cabin to be filled with unwanted, unfiltered air.As for a malfunctioning fuel filter, it can reduce your fuel supply, reduce engine power, slow down your acceleration, and make you less fuel efficient -- not to mention potentially malfunctioning.Replace old filters to avoid putting pressure on other important auto parts.


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