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How Often do Air Filter Elements Change?

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Air purifiers are a great way to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. They are also the dirtiest parts of your home.Why? Because anything in the air that isn't clean in your home will be picked up by the filters in your air purifier.So a filter is actually a very dirty and germy place.

Many users will buy an air purifier after such a misunderstanding, that is to buy an air purifier after the home once and for all.In fact, this part of the filter is to be replaced regularly.Like a sponge, although it has water absorption, but when it reaches the saturated state of water absorption, it no longer has water absorption, the filter is the same.

What harm will there be if the filter of the air purifier is not replaced in time?

1.Reduce the purification efficiency

If there is a lot of dust in the filter element of the air purifier, the output of clean air will be reduced, and the purification effect of the filter element on pollutants in the air will be weakened. When the internal activated carbon adsorption becomes saturated, it will no longer absorb, so it is necessary to replace the filter element every few months.

 2. Secondary pollution

If the filter of an air purifier is saturated and not replaced, the pollutants that accumulate on it will breed a lot of bacteria and viruses, which will then be blown back into the room, causing pollution instead.
3. It will shorten the life of the purifier

The life of the air purifier will be greatly shortened if the filter element is not changed for a long time, because the saturation of the filter element will lead to the reduction of the air passage rate, and the long and efficient operation of the fan will significantly shorten the service life of the fan.

How often should the filter of the air purifier be replaced?

1.Change the time period according to the official recommendation

Following the official advice is a safe way to go, but based on the country's air conditions, especially in smoggy areas, users are conservatively advised to divide the official recommended time by 2.After all, such as 24 months to replace the filter, if in heavily polluted areas must be unreasonable.

2. Look at the life of the filter screen shown by the model

At present, many middle and high-end models are equipped with filter life monitoring function. Users can check the filter life according to the prompts on the body. When the filter life is about to expire, users can replace it according to the prompts.This method is relatively simple and effective.

3. See the air quality and the frequency of use

Another method is to rely on the user's experience to judge, such as judge the air quality, the frequency of use, as well as through the air detector to detect indoor air quality, can roughly estimate the filter replacement period.As a rule of thumb, HEPA filters are recommended to be updated every six months and activated carbon filters every 12 months, depending on the weather in the country.Such update frequency is a relatively safe way, the initial filter can be cleaned regularly, do not need to be replaced.

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