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How About Dyson Air Purifier Filters

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The advent of air purifiers has indeed saved many people's lives, especially those who are weak and cannot breathe the polluted air, so everyone is especially grateful for the advent of air purifiers.But with so many brands producing air purifiers, do you know which one to choose?In fact, the air purifier of Dyson brand is very effective. If you haven't bought it yet, you can consider the products of this brand.Many people do not know much about Dyson Air purifier filter screen, so today to introduce dyson air purifier filter screen related knowledge to you.

Dyson Air Purifier - Dyson air purifier series

Net embellish series

Dyson Air purifier series models include F-VXG35C and F-VDG35C. Main functions: Fine water ions can diffuse to all parts of the room with the purified air, bringing you and your family a fresh and comfortable indoor air environment.After the moisture is filtered through the humidifying filter screen, it is evenly diffused to all parts of the room along with the purified air, so as to improve the indoor dry air and keep the indoor air moist and fresh at all times. When the sensors detect indoor air pollutants in automatic operating mode, they select the way the front panel slides depending on the pollutant.Detection mode + learning mode, regularly detect pollutants in indoor air, remember the time period of pollution during purification, and automatically operate to purify indoor air the next day before pollution diffusion.Dust collecting filter + deodorizing filter.Rapid operation mode, sleep mode for 8 hours, filter screen change reminder, children's safety lock.

Net color series

Dyson air purifier net color series in today's market best-selling models F - PDF35C, main features: small water ion + net smoke + + 8 hours sleep patterns airflow pattern and filter replacement remind, net new smoke function, can quickly induction to tobacco smoke, and the rapid timing mode, the continuous high-speed 10 minutes, faster purify indoor cigarette flavor. Low, medium, rapid, automatic four air volume modes, you can according to the indoor pollution situation, choose the mode you want to operate, so as to achieve a good clean room air.Filter replacement remind, need not worry about the filter due to the value period and affect the use of such problems.

Dyson Air Purifier strainer - Strainer technology

The High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA) is one of the most popular technologies used in air purification.Standard HEPA filters can absorb 99.7% size of 0.3 micron particulate matter (the size of 0.3 micron is the most difficult to filter), but its wind resistance is relatively large, seldom used commonly in air purifier, the actual air purifier manufacturer allege HEPA are actually the real HEPA filter efficiency is slightly lower than HEPA, wind resistance is relatively low. Both the real HEPA and the advertised HEPA make the inhaled air fresher and cleaner.Filters absorb chemical fumes, bacteria, dust particles and pollen, which are removed from the air by an air purifier.

In fact, the most important part of the air purifier is the filter screen, many products will become ineffective after a long time of use, which is the reason why the filter screen is broken, so we must regularly replace the filter screen for the air purifier at home, to improve the use effect of the product.

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Active Carbon HEPA Filters for Dyson Air Purifier Parts

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