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Five points to make you do a good job in the maintenance of high efficiency filters

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  In today's society, the air quality is poor, and more people use air filters. The appearance of filters has brought infinite convenience to everyone. It can purify the air and create a healthy environment for people. In the process of using the high-efficiency filter, you must learn to maintain it regularly. Only in this way can the equipment serve you in a better state and give full play to the great value of the equipment. Today, I will explain to you the five-point maintenance precautions for high-efficiency filters;

  First, there are many points to pay attention to in the maintenance of high-efficiency filters, you must pay more attention. It is very important that if there is a malfunction, let a professional repair it, and do not operate it yourself to avoid damaging the parts.

  Second, pay attention to timely observation during daily use. If there is abnormal noise, loose parts, etc., it should be repaired in time. It is recommended to use original parts directly, so as to meet the equipment requirements.

  Three, we have to clean up regularly. There will be a lot of dust and a lot of sediment during the use of the high-efficiency filter. In order not to affect the efficiency of use, everyone should clean it in time. One of the very simple methods is to disassemble and install the filter, use a professional brush to clean it, and then dry it to install. If the mesh surface is found to be damaged, it is recommended to replace it in time. However, look at the filter model before replacing it, so as to avoid replacement errors.

  Fourth, we must learn to maintain. We can clean it up at any time when we normally use it. Due to the prolonged use time, it is recommended that you carry out major maintenance. The general maintenance interval is half a year. If the equipment is no problem, it should be repaired from the inside to the outside. The main purpose is to prevent problems in the later period.

Fifth, in the process of installing the high-efficiency filter, the staff should learn the installation guide and pay attention to handling it with care. At the same time, choose a suitable installation environment, and pay attention to the tight seam between the frames to avoid leakage and deformation. The system should be cleaned before and after installation to maintain a clean state.

  If the high-efficiency filter is no longer used, it is recommended to choose a suitable place to put it according to the instructions, but pay attention to fireproof and moisture-proof, and avoid direct sunlight. When disassembling and assembling the filter, it should be carried out according to the steps, and it cannot be forced to install and disassemble. Considering the cleaning requirements, you can prepare white silk cloth, and regular wiping is the key.

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