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Do I need to purchase a pre-filter for my air purifier?

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Air purifier technology: the importance of using pre-filters.

The indoor air is filled with particles, most of which are large, such as dust.Skipping the use of pre-filters may mean that your main screen filter will wear out faster.

You know the indoor air is full of particles.In fact, most of the mass in the particles is concentrated in the larger particles, not in the tiny pollen.Most of the larger particles (dust, pet dander, etc.) will be captured by the air purifier, and unless you use an air purifier technology called prefilters, the efficient and expensive hepa filters will quickly become clogged with large particles.Even if HEPA filters have lots of folds, giving them more surface area, they fill up quickly if larger particles are not pre-filtered out.In a typical household with children, dogs or cats, and a highly active lifestyle, the air purifier must deal with a large number of large particles!

Pets aren't the only source of dandruff!When we first started as owners of air purifiers, we were often surprised by how much human hair and dandruff was trapped in the pre-filtration and main air purifiers.Between humans and pets, especially cats, mere hair and fur can fill pre-filters.This is one of the main reasons to replace the air purifier pre-filter, or at least to check it according to the prescribed schedule.In some cases, the outside of the air purifier can occasionally be vacuumed to remove larger parts, such as hair and dandruff.The goal is to keep the air purifier at its best when it inhales more toxic pollutants in the home or office.In both places, air purifiers and pre-filtration technology can make a real difference.

Does changing the pre-filter according to the specified schedule mean you don't have to dust anymore?This is one of the most interesting questions we have received from our new air purifier customers.Unfortunately, an air purifier is no substitute for cleaning and dusting, but it can certainly help reduce the amount of dust in your home.It is important to keep the air purifier running at high speed when you are vacuuming your room.Only then will the large particles of airborne pollution be picked up by the air purifier and filtered out.

Air purifiers are the key to a healthy home.Therefore, you'd better follow the manufacturer's manual and use the prefilter most efficiently by changing it regularly.It's a good idea to put the date you should check the pre-filter on your calendar or stick it on your air purifier.

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