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Different Filters for Air Purifier

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  Filters for air purifier products mainly include pre-filters, activated carbon filters, HEPA filters, etc.

  Pre-filter: It can effectively remove large particles of dust, mold or animal hair, and protect other filters.

  Activated carbon filter is generally used to remove peculiar smell in the air. Activated carbon has always been regarded as one of the best materials for removing odors. Therefore, in recent years, activated carbon has been widely used in odor removal products, whether it is households or refrigerators, for most odors, it can have a good effect. The material can be granuled activated carbon or fiber activated carbon, which can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

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  HEPA filter: HEPA is an internationally recognized best high-efficiency filter material. Initially HEPA was used in nuclear energy research and protection, and now it is widely used in precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research, and surgical operations that require high cleanliness. HEPA is made of very fine organic fibers intertwined. It has a strong ability to capture particles, small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption. The purification rate for 0.3 micron particles is 99.97%. In other words: for every 10,000 particles, only 3 particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane. Therefore, its effect of filtering particulates is very obvious! For example, if it is used to filter cigarettes, the filtering effect can reach almost 100%, because the size of the particulates in cigarettes is between 0.5-2 microns and cannot pass through the HEPA filter membrane. The service life of the HEPA filter is not long, and it needs to be replaced after it is filled with dust, which makes the replacement more frequent and the replacement cost is high.

Air Purifier Filters

  For some air purifiers, there will also be deodorizing filter, formaldehyde filter, and allergen filter.

  The washable deodorizing filter can be repeatedly cleaned and used. Regular cleaning can restore the deodorizing performance, which can effectively remove perspiration odors, pet odors and other odors. It is generally made of gelatinized or plasticized material, and it can be cleaned once every two weeks. The cleaning method is to directly rinse with water and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the surface. Generally do not need to be replaced.

  Formaldehyde filters play a role in filtering and adsorbing formaldehyde in the air. Part of the composite high-efficiency formaldehyde removal filter has the function of high-efficiency absorption of formaldehyde, and can also instantly filter out other volatile organic compounds, as well as effectively filter allergens and bacteria.

  Allergen filter: filter out pollen, pet hair and other allergens in the air.

  Each layer of filter screen plays its own performance in the purifier, to achieve the comprehensive purification performance of the product.

  The filter should be cleaned and replaced regularly to prevent secondary air pollution caused by the problem of the filter.

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