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Characteristics of Activated Carbon Filter

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How to effectively use the characteristics of activated carbon filter to select the appropriate filter

Activated carbon filter USES granular activated carbon to further remove the residual chlorine, organic matter and suspended impurities in the water of the mechanical filter, providing good conditions for the subsequent reverse osmosis treatment.Activated carbon filters are being used in more and more fields. How to make them more effective?There is no doubt that we should first understand some basic properties and characteristics of activated carbon filter, let's do a multi-aspect understanding of activated carbon filter from several different aspects below!

Activated carbon materials: Activated carbon materials are mainly particle carbon, fiber carbon and powder carbon, etc.Among them, the fiber activated carbon is made from the organic fiber containing carbon, its diameter is less than 50 microns, with strong adsorption capacity, fast speed, excellent regeneration performance.

Adsorption capacity: The large capacity of pollutants that activated carbon can absorb is called adsorption capacity, the adsorption capacity of different materials will be different, as well as the temperature, concentration of materials and other factors will affect the adsorption capacity.

Service life: the adsorption capacity of the newly produced activated carbon is naturally relatively high, but in continuous use, its efficiency will be continuously weakened, when the harmful gas in the filter reaches the limit of concentration, the filter will be scrapped.Service life can also be called effective protection time.

The selection of activated carbon filter: First of all, we should know that there are several important factors directly affecting the adsorption effect and service life of activated carbon filter, that is, the different types of pollutants and pollution concentration, the duration of airflow in the filter, the ambient air temperature and humidity conditions.In the actual purchase, we should comprehensively consider these aspects and choose the appropriate filter model and activated carbon type.

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