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Can Air Purifier Filter Element be Cleaned?

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1. Primary filter screen

This is also the first layer of filter screen in the air purifier purification system, mainly intercepting dust, hair, dander large particles of pollutants. Air purifier is the most easily dirty layer of filter screen. On the material, the primary effect filter screen is mostly made of various specifications. Water cleaning will not cause damage to the filter screen itself. Most of the primary effect filter screens can be cleaned directly with water.

BS982 LV-H126 (9)

2. HEPA filter screen

hepa filter is used to filter fine particles, bacteria and various allergens, which is the most important part of air purifier. However, HEPA material itself is a paper-like material, which can not be washed. If the HEPA filter wants to be clean, it is better to buy a new filter of the same model, which will not affect the work of the product, but also can reach the original purification effect of the product.

BS1121 (5)

3. Activated carbon filter screen

The main removal of volatile organic compounds formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and air pollutants, but also play the role of deodorization, odor removal. If you want to wash theactivated carbon filter, then the first water temperature should not be higher than 50 degrees, so as to ensure that the activated carbon will not encounter high temperature and deformation. In addition, neutral detergent can be added to clean, must not use strong acid and strong alkaline detergent, so as not to cause chemical damage.


sum up:

1. It is necessary to determine whether it can be cleaned according to the type of product. The filter screen can not be cleaned generally, and most of the filter elements can be cleaned, such as electrostatic dust removal filter elements. Cleaning once or twice a month, use 3 to 5 months to replace once, improve purification efficiency, avoid secondary pollution.

2. If it is a washable filter element, it can be removed and cleaned, cleaned with a soft brush in warm water to avoid deformation of activated carbon material in the filter element at high temperature, and medium-sized detergent can also be added to effectively remove pollutants. When cleaning, it is necessary to scrub clean and then dry, or dry with a hair dryer and then put into the air purifier.

3. For the filter element that can not be washed, the dust can be cleaned away with a vacuum cleaner or cloth, and then put in the sun to help the filter element better desorption dust, maintain the purification effect of the air evolutor, and extend the service life.

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