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Air purifier purchase method

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1. Choose the right purchase channel


When buying air purifiers, it is recommended to try to buy them through regular channels such as large shopping malls, appliance stores, brand stores and mainstream e-commerce websites.


By 2013, air purifiers had a dizzying range of brands, features, performance, design and prices.It is suggested that consumers choose products according to their actual needs, not that the more functions, the better.For example, for consumers who need to protect PM2.5, it is recommended to choose an air purifier with outstanding PM2.5 purification capacity.Newly decorated families can focus on the ability to remove formaldehyde and toluene outstanding air purifier.


2. Filtering technology


Particle pollution filtering technology is primarily a HEPA filter, HEPA filter quality is uneven, the mesh of a few brands while has high filtration efficiency, but resistance is big, can effect comparing than lower, and it's easy to jam, life is short, general advice to choose with electrostatic dust HEPA filter in the depth of the very capacity, static electricity in extremely technology makes non-woven fiber with positive and negative electricity, effectively capture particulates in the air, a lot of HEPA filter are static in technology, but due to technical reasons many mesh in an electric charge in a relatively short period of time will decay quickly, results in the decrease of filtration efficiency.You can choose the HEPA filter such as 3M electrostatic electret on the market. It adopts the same electrostatic electret technology as 3M mask to permanently guarantee the electret efficiency without attenuation.


3. Pay attention to the applicable area or particulate matter clean air quantity (CADR)


The purification capacity of the air purifier is mainly determined by the applicable area and the amount of particulate clean air (CADR: rate of clean air provided), and the relationship between the two is as follows: applicable area =CADR×0.1.The purification capacity of other pollutants shall be combined with the applicable area.


4. Energy efficiency ratio and energy efficiency grade


Air purifiers are usually used continuously for a long period of time. Energy efficiency ratio is an important indicator to measure the purification capacity and power consumption of air purifiers, which deserves our attention.The higher the energy efficiency ratio and energy efficiency level, the more energy saving air purifier, the lower the use cost.


5. Ozone release


Ozone as a strong oxidizer has a certain purification ability, but it is harmful to human body.The state has mandatory safety requirements for ozone release from air purifiers, which are limited to less than or equal to 5×10-6% (ozone has a fishy smell).

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