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Air purifier / Air Cleaner

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The structure


The shape of the air purifier is mainly composed of chassis shell, filter section, wind channel design, motor, power supply, LCD screen and so on.It is the motor that decides the life, it is the filter section that decides the purification efficiency, it is the wind channel design, the chassis shell, the filter section and the motor that decides whether it is quiet or not.


Air purifier is mainly composed of motor, fan, air filter, intelligent monitoring system, some models of the machine with humidification function of the water tank, or auxiliary purification device, such as anion generator, high voltage circuit.The air filter is the core component.Other purification devices actually play only auxiliary functions, so the quality of the air filter is the most critical factor that directly affects the effect of the air purifier.

Motor and fan: motor fan as the core of the air purifier is also an essential part, the main role is to control the circulation of air flow.The contaminated air is inhaled, filtered, and the clean air is blown out.


Air filter (filter) : most air purifiers on the market are mainly through the filter to achieve the purpose of purifying the air, and the filter is mainly divided into: particulate filter and organic filter.The particulate filter is divided into coarse filter and fine particulate filter.Organic filter is divided into formaldehyde filter, deodorization filter, activated carbon filter, carbon core filter.Each filter is mainly targeted at different sources of pollution, the principle of filtration is not the same.


Water tank: as the air purifier is more and more concerned by consumers, the function of the air purifier is not only limited to the purification of the air, by adding water tank structure design, air purifier in the basic mission while also can play a humidifying role in the air.

Intelligent monitoring system: the intelligent monitoring system is simply understood as the supervisor of air quality. Through the built-in monitoring equipment, the air quality can be determined in real time by the good and the bad, and the consumers can choose to use the air purifier according to the air quality.In addition, the intelligent monitoring system can also monitor the life of the filter and the water level of the water tank, so as to facilitate users to know the working state of the air purifier.


Anion generator and high voltage circuit: generally used as an auxiliary purification function, mainly to send anion with clean air.Anion has sedative, hypnotic, analgesic, increase appetite, reduce blood pressure and other functions.After a thunderstorm, people feel happy, it is the reason of the increase of negative ions in the air.Air anion can reduce reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radicals) produced by air pollutants, nitrogen oxides and cigarettes, and reduce the harm of excessive reactive oxygen species to human body.


Disinfection device: electrostatic air purification device in terms of its structure, there are roughly three products on the market: flat structure air purification device, honeycomb hexagonal channel air purification device, circular hole channel air purification and disinfection device.


The purification effect


First, the air purification efficiency of the filtration process is compared.Passive adsorption purification mode of air purifier USES mostly due to the fan + mesh model for air purification, wind to make use of the air flow is unavoidably exist blind Angle, so most of the passive air purification can only be placed in the air purifier purification of produce certain effect, around a long time to the indoor air filter through a whole, it is very hard to the indoor environment purification effect.


Active air purification is to use the diffuse characteristics of air to reach all corners of the purification factor for air purification, air can be filled to the place can produce purification effect.It is found that under the principle of passive air purification, if the filter net aperture is small enough, the result of air treatment can only achieve the purpose of purification, that is, only "clean" air can be obtained.The negative ion air purifier is different, not only can effectively remove the particles in the air pollutants, decompose the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, provide clean air to indoor environment, can also be provided to indoor environment on human health care has efficient effect of air negative ions, make indoor air quality reached the standard of "healthy air".


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