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Air Filter Element

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Air purifier filter is to use the passive filter type adsorption technology at the heart of the air purifier filter layer, the type of air purifier used by the filter consists of filter and filter, air filter in the form of the mesh filter layer, and the filter from the filter are composed of activated carbon molding technology of honeycomb activated carbon, activated carbon is rather than block structure is interlining particles, therefore is called filter.


Existing passive adsorption air purifiers have three main filtration devices: primary filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter element (filter).

Primary filter

The first layer of air purifier filter mainly absorbs small dust particles and hair and other substances in the air.

HEPA filter

It is composed of very small glass fiber interwoven (air filter material similar to filter paper), a stack of subglass fiber membrane which is folded back and forth in a series of layers and folds, to expand its surface area and increase the capture efficiency of particles in the air, so as to remove mite dust, pollen, bacteria, second-hand smoke, dust and other small particles.

Activated carbon filter element (mesh)

Activated carbon has super adsorption of odor function, can remove indoor smoke, formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, benzene and other odor and harmful gases.

The difference between

As the core of the adsorption air purifier filters, activated carbon filter layer directly determines the quality of the air purification effect, most of the adsorption air purifier on the market use activated carbon filter, the so-called screen is usually a sandwich containing activated carbon particles, the size determines the content of activated carbon and purification effect, and generally have no active adsorption activated carbon which contains the function of harmful gases, so with general buying carbon bags in the market almost no difference.

Different from screen, granular activated carbon filter is not, but using activated carbon molding technology research and development of the whole piece of activated carbon, activated carbon content is high, material adsorption performance is strong, usually in the honeycomb, so relative to the conventional activated carbon filter, its specific surface area and expand to 2 times, air contact area expanded to 20 times, filter resistance reduced 1.5 times, therefore activated carbon filter is stronger than other activated carbon filter of formaldehyde adsorption capacity.

Activated carbon filter also load a variety of technologies, such as cold catalytic technology, this technology can be directly to formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene, xylene, hydrogen sulfide and TVOC and other harmful gases into harmless water and carbon dioxide, the carbon cold physical adsorption and catalytic decomposition, under the dual role of effective removal of formaldehyde, will not cause secondary pollution.

The carbon core filter adopts the technology of carbon core forming and loading, without adding any tar and other adhesives, it is non-toxic and harmless, and will not cause secondary pollution.And the conventional activated carbon filter mostly use tar bonding molding, not only the carbon particles less porous, easy to be blocked by tar, poor adsorption performance, and easily cause secondary pollution.

Therefore, compared with activated carbon filter mesh, activated carbon filter element has a more comprehensive air purification function.

330X280X30mm Honeycomb Active Carbon 2 in 1 Air Purifier HEPA Filters

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