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Activated carbon filter

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Usually there are 3 types of air filter in air purifier. They are HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and prefilter. Different filters have different functions. Prefilter is in the first layer which can filter some large particle of dust. HEPA filter can filter out the 0.3 micron dust. And activated carbon filter can absorb odors. Today, we will introduce you to activated carbon filters.

Activated carbon filters remove a wide variety of compounds, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke and food odors, fumes from paint and paint thinners, sewer odors and many other noxious odors. Combining carbon and HEPA filtration is especially effective in removing airborne soot particles and the odors they create. This activated carbon filter allows any HEPA Air Scrubber to capture a wide variety of volatile organic compounds and odor causing agents.

The main types of activated carbon filters are carbon foam filter and honeycomb carbon filter. The material of carbon foam filter is foam sponge. The honeycomb carbon filter is made by cardboard frame, plastic honeycomb, and carbon particle inside. Usually we recommend you to use honeycomb carbon filter. Because the effect of odor absorption is better and the service life is longer.

The activated carbon filters can efficiently absorbs unwanted odors. It is recommended to replace activated carbon filters for every 6-12 months. Using an old filter lowers your air purifier’s efficiency.

Active Carbon Filter

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