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Why do humidifiers need filters?

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A humidifier is a relatively simple electrical appliance whose sole purpose is to add moisture to the air in the home.Excessive dry air can aggravate lung disease and irritate sinuses.Your home may have dry air because it is heated in winter, or you may live in a generally dry climate.The humidifier has many USES.


Capillary action

Humidifiers that use some form of heat to generate moisture through evaporation require filters for other reasons, but cold evaporative humidifiers use their filters as wick.Water is sucked into the filter material and the fan produces the necessary evaporation.These filters are usually treated with some form of antimicrobial coating to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses.The heat used in a humidifier tends to kill viruses and bacteria and heat the water without the need for additional additives.


Mineral absorption

Many humidifier filters and cartridges are specially designed to capture the minerals you add to the water unit.When the humidifier produces fog, any minerals that evaporate with the water enter the air, creating a fine white dust.It is unclear whether the dust causes lung disease.If your water is high in dissolved minerals, always change the filter on your humidifier or try bottled distilled water.


Clean air

Various particles, including dust, pollen and cigarette smoke, are deposited in the humidifier.Filters fitted to each device help catch the particles before they rise with the evaporated water.Although the humidifier filter has some limited particle filtration capabilities, the humidifier cannot replace the air purifier.If you have a problem with air quality in your home, try using both a purifier and a humidifier.

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