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Which Details of the Maintenance of HEPA Filters Should be Taken Into Account

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The maintenance of hePA filter is not so simple, mainly because there are many details relatively trivial, easy to cause the disgust of staff.

Priority, maintenance of equipment requires professional maintenance personnel.

Second, pay attention to detail.There are a lot of maintenance work and high efficiency filter is need to pay attention to details, such as loose parts, used equipment for a long time, the internal parts is easy to become loose, maintenance personnel to check the internal parts, every time a loose or damaged, to tighten and replacement in time, to avoid more serious damage.The replacement of the parts is the same as the original manufacturer configuration, so there are great benefits for the equipment, and the use will not feel not smooth.

Third, clean and efficient filter are equally important, the filter when using a month or so, there are some dust, if not timely cleaning, filtration efficiency and the accuracy will be affected, so it's very important to timely cleaning, good is to be able to take the filter out directly, using a soft bristle brush to brush a brush, wash the dust off.Be sure to dry the filter after cleaning before installing it back.If the screen surface is deformed or has leaks, a new filter screen needs to be replaced. The specifications and models should be the same as the previous ones.

Fourth, give the equipment a major maintenance regularly.The cycle of a big maintenance is 3 months to 6 months, specific also should see the use effect of the user and the specific situation of the equipment.What I have told you above is about the maintenance of HEPA filters. Maintenance is really very important, especially in some industries where the equipment is in operation all day long, and the life of the equipment will be greatly shortened without proper maintenance.I hope it can arouse the attention of every staff and manufacturers, and also extend the service life of the equipment. Only in this way can the equipment be better used by users and give full play to its greater value.

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