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When Will I Replace My Automotive Fuel Filter?

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A maintenance project that is often overlooked is the Automotive fuel filter.


In this article, we will tell you what is a fuel filter, why you need to replace the filter, how to identify these symptoms, and when to replace the new fuel filter.


What is a fuel filter?

To ensure that all fuel reaching the engine is clean, it must capture and store any impurities present through one (or two) specially designed filters. "Impurities" may include deposits collected at the bottom of the fuel tank over time. Sediments can even affect new vehicles. It doesn't matter if the fuel comes from sediment or inferior gasoline, but it must be prevented from reaching the engine, otherwise it will cause real damage.


Where is the fuel filter?

On new tanks and trucks, the filter is located in the fuel tank and it may not be part of the integrated fuel pump module assembly. Alternatively, it can be mounted on a frame outside the tank where it is surrounded by a protective cover. Many vehicles are equipped with two filters - one inside the tank and one somewhere outside the tank along the fuel line.


In some cases, if the automobile filter is in the fuel tank, it may be in the “non-repairable” category if it is part of an integrated pump assembly. This means that the pump contains a permanently installed filter element that is not designed for routine replacement. Instead, it is only replaced when a new fuel pump is installed.


However, some of the filters installed on the top of the fuel tank are designed to be easily replaced, thanks to the access door located below the detachable rear passenger seat. If you are not sure which type of setting your vehicle has, the owner's manual should state whether the filter is serviceable.


What does it mean that your old fuel filter needs to be replaced?

In the initial stages of a blocked fuel filter, you will experience a poor fuel mileage. As the problem worsens, the symptoms usually manifest in the form of difficult to start, uneven idling, and loss of strength. Your engine may even run normally a few blocks after the start, and then there is not enough power when the uphill or highway entrance ramp needs more power.


When will the fuel filter be replaced?

Even if we have recently drained cleaner gasoline from the pump, we recommend that the automobile filter be replaced periodically if possible. For newer cars and trucks, replace every 60,000 miles - unless the manufacturer says it is to be replaced more frequently.


Do this if the manufacturer specifies to replace the fuel filter at 30,000 miles. The quality of gasoline may improve, but filters designed for older vehicles tend to be smaller because they mean more frequent replacement. No matter how you look at things, smaller filters will soon reach the end of their functional life.


If your filter is already a few miles away and you accidentally run out of gas, we strongly recommend replacing your automobile fuel filter immediately - assuming it can be repaired. This is because any of the above debris collected at the bottom of the tank has now been drawn into the fuel pump and sent to the filter where it has become clogged. This has an extremely adverse effect on fuel flow, and the extra strain that pumps fuel beyond the plug can usually complete the old fuel pump, which would otherwise leave some life.


Injectors for modern engines with high-pressure fuel systems have extremely tight tolerances. If the fuel passage is blocked, small pieces that do not block the old fuel injector will permanently damage the new fuel injector. Alternatively, the fuel may simply drip out of the ejector rather than the fine mist spray required to produce optimal combustion.


Other suitable timing to replace the fuel filter:

If you are performing any repairs on a fuel system that requires decompression, you have completed most of the work required to replace the serviceable automobile filter.


Of course, it is self-evident that if you replace the fuel pump, replace the fuel tank, or remove the fuel tank from the vehicle for any reason, it is now the best time to install a new filter. If the filter is installed in a pump assembly on the vehicle, the new fuel pump will contain one.


When you think about the important role that automobile fuel filters play, there is no reason for dirty fuel filters to damage your vehicle's performance, damage fuel economy, and cost you more for related repairs.

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