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How Often Should the Air Filter be Replaced?

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Generally speaking, the automobile air filter element is replaced once in the vehicle driving 15,000 kilometers, and the air conditioning filter element is replaced once in the car driving 10-20,000 kilometers or about 1 year. But specific according to the use of the car and driving environment, air quality to be determined. If the environment is poor, humid or dusty, or haze or catkin is serious, the replacement period should be shortened.

  • It is recommended to check the usage regularly and decide whether to clean or replace it.

Air filter full name air filter element, located in the hood of the engine side, some air filter element is cylindric, also called air filter cylinder, is used to filter the air into the engine, filter the dust particles in the air, provide clean air for the engine combustion chamber, the main purpose is used to protect the engine.

BS1092 (1)

Air conditioning filter element is generally located in the glove box of the car co-driver, there are also some models under the windshield diversion trough, is used to filter the outside air through the air conditioning into the car, the outside circulation filter dust, the main purpose is to protect the car driver and passenger.

BS829 (5)

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