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What time to replace a Humidifier Filter for Each Type?

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replacement filter for humidifier

Now we have discovered the five types of humidifiers,maybe you will want to know what time to replace the filter on each one?If they need to replace the filter through a retailer or manufacturer when the time has come to change the filter?A humidifier filter can only send clean water or moistened air to your home and to remove the threat of harmful mold or bacteria polluting the air.


Central Humidifiers: It is recommended that a central humidifier installed in your dwelling home air system has it filter changed on a monthly basis, as mold or bacteria can easily be dispersed through the entire house. Some versions offer reusable filters that are cleaned using hot water and a mild soap whereas others need replacement filters through the manufacturer. Check which brand offers each type and use that to compare what would be the best option for your home.


Evaporators: This type of humidifier has a recommended filter replacement every three months unless you use the humidifier every day – then it is shortened to every two months. Check with the manufacturer instructions to determine if you can clean your filter for a set period of time before ordering a replacement.


Cool Mist or Hot Steam Humidifiers: Depending on the style of humidifier purchased, your filter will either have to be changed once every three months (Cool Mist) or not at all (Hot Steam). The hot steam versions of humidifiers do not come with a filter but instead requiring cleaning of the water panel once every two months to ensure air quality.


Ultrasonic Humidifiers: The ultrasonic humidifier comes equipped with a filter that should be cleaned every three months or every two if in use each day. Once the filter is noticeably worn or damaged – replace the filter entirely and restart the cleaning cycle.


Impeller Humidifiers: This style of humidifier does come with a filter that should be cleaned in a vinegar/water solution after each use. As it uses friction to create condensation, dirt and debris can easily become stuck to the filter and be dispensed into the air.


Now that you have discovered what a humidifier is, how to replace humidifier filter, what the proper levels of humidity currently are, and how having one located in your home – especially during the cold winter months – can benefit yourself and your family health wise; maybe you’ll look at purchasing one for your home. Talk to your local healthcare provider or pharmacist to determine what humidifier would benefit you the most; especially if you currently suffer from existing health conditions.


As with any major purchase,it is necessary to make sure to research each type of humidifier and their counterparts, the level of maintenance required for each machine,and any additional guarantees provided by the retailer or manufacturer itself. Ensure that you use your humidifier as per instructions, because there are too much water in the air can lead to additional health and even structural problems, as it can promote mold growth in the wall or wood of your home.

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