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What is the impact of dirty motorcycle air filter on the car?

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  Motorcycle air filter is composed of box, partition, sponge filter, rice paper filter, box cover, intake pipe, is in the current use of air filter is insufficient on the basis of a primary filter sponge, this sponge can block more than 90% of the dust.

Motorcycle Air FilterMotorcycle Air Filter

  Air filter for a long time don't clean up: the car generally can still start, the surface does not affect the performance of the car, but the increase in the number of dust and impurities by filter adsorption, after a long time will cause filter filter hole plugging effect within the volume, power decline, fuel consumption increase, some small engines impurities will be forced to inhale, accelerated wear of moving parts within the cylinder, shorten the body life. Motorcycle will appear powerless, speed up, fuel consumption increase, and even appear exhaust pipe smoke, shooting and other faults.

  1. if there are too many impurities in the gasoline, it will block the nozzle, resulting in poor oil supply. Vehicle fuel supply is insufficient, oil pressure is not enough, serious can not start.

  2. generally there will be no impact, unless the dirty blockage is serious, affecting the oil supply, resulting in power decline or flameout.

  3. If the filter element is dirty, it will increase the possibility of impurities entering the engine, which will lead to reduced engine efficiency, increased carbon accumulation, and damage to the cylinder and surrounding parts. It can also lead to poor fuel supply, low power and even stalled cars. The impurities are not filtered, and over time, the fuel lines and fuel injection systems can corrode.

On the road with little dust, clean it once every 2000KM or so and replace it once every 12000KM or so; Dusty road conditions to shorten the filter cleaning/replacement cycle, the new viscous, oil-containing filter, shall not be cleaned and cleaned, can only be directly replaced.

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