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What is the best type of robot vacuum filter?(2)

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Ecovacs N79 Accessories

True HEPA filters vs. HEPA-style filters


True hepa filters meet NIOSH standards.To classify the filter as HEPA, it must be able to capture 99.97% of the allergens, with the smallest being 0.3 micron.Given that the average human hair is 50 to 150 microns, HEPA filters can capture every little allergen you might think of.But be warned, real HEPA filters are expensive.As far as I know, one of the robot vacuums with true filters is the Roomba 900 series (Roomba 960 and Roomba 980).


On the other hand, hepa-style filters, as the name suggests, are duplicated with the entire HEPA technique, but for one reason or another, these filters are less effective than real HEPA filters.They capture 80 to 90 percent of the allergens and are often used in the cheapest filters.The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 has a hepa-style filter.


I know you're thinking, how do you tell a True HEPA filter from a HEPA style filter?Very simple;A true hepa filter has a serial number and embedded test results.Test results shall not be less than 99.97%.The other thing to notice is the price;If it's cheap, it's not a real HEPA.


If you have pet allergies or you have a pet, be sure to pay attention to the HEPA filter when buying a robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair.Remember, while pet hair itself may not be an allergen, it's a safe haven for true allergies.Some robot vacuum models with HEPA filters include Roomba 800 series, 800 series, ECOVACS.


Interestingly, we now have high efficiency filters that can be cleaned.In the summer, dust seems to block everything, and cleaning with clean water can restore the efficiency of the filter.Sometimes, just cleaning the filter can save a few dollars.


You'll find that many top brands have HEPA filters, but that's not always the case.Popular robot vacuums such as Roomba 650, Roomba 690, Botvac connected D80 and several others don't have HEPA filters.



I know these two terms are very confusing and you might be thinking about what is what.I would say they all filter ratings, but what's different about them is the way they do it.


MERV stands for minimum efficiency report value and grading is based on the particle size that the filter can handle easily.Scores range from 1 to 16. The higher the score, the better the performance.


HEPA, on the other hand, stands for highly efficient particulate air and is a filter that can filter 99.97% of allergens.


In other words, you realize that even though they're two different things, they mean the same thing.It's the same thing, but in a different language.Typically, HEPA filters have a MERVE rating of 16 or higher.


Allergen filters - do they work?


This is a common term, especially as the need for allergen vacuuming grows.Now, you'll notice that the filters advertised are allergen filters, meaning they are designed to catch pet hair, dander, and flakes of skin and remove the stink of urine and feces.


However, I have not found much truth because there is no clear technology that manufacturers will support their filters.


In fact, allergen filters are only standard or hepa-style filters.They are known only as allergen filters to ensure that customers buy the right robotic vacuum cleaners to remove allergens.


In fact, from experience, they were absolutely fantastic at first, but a week later, they were all done.I bought several a substitutes, scented filters, these are scented filters, at least to reduce the smell.They have different fragrances according to your taste.

Unfortunately, these filters are not yet available for robot vacuums, but they are very common in other conventional vacuums.

I've used them a few times before, and while the smells disappear quickly, at least they can help you avoid embarrassment in a smelly house.

What is the best filtering system?


If you have a pet or you have a nasal allergy, you must be very precise about the filtering system you choose.As far as air filtration is concerned, hepa filters are still the best choice.That's why you'll find it in most robot vacuum cleaners and pet hair allergies.


The type of filter you use will largely determine the air quality you will receive.


When you buy a robot vacuum cleaner, it's important to buy a hepa filter, whether you have a pet, allergies or not -- everyone wants fresh air.Just to emphasize, make sure you get a real substitute every time.


I'm sure you know the difference between the real HEPA and the HEPA style.

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