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Various filter element material characteristics and selection

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Material selection, generally according to the use of the filter element environment to determine. Such as the need for high pressure, acid and alkali resistance.

In terms of process, at present, according to their own products finalize and combine with their own equipment, which is not good to say. But must meet the use of the filter element environment needs. For example: Hydac filter element mainly uses corrosion-resistant nylon protective net, high strength built-in steel plate round hole punching support, end cover more use of engineering plastics. The filter material is usually glass fiber or stainless steel high precision braided cloth.The domestic industrial filter element, the outer protective net generally chooses round hole punching steel plate mesh or diamond hole stretching steel plate mesh, the common filter material glass fiber, chemical fiber, stainless steel. The end cap is made of steel plate or aluminum, and some engineering plastics.

  • Industrial filter element, from the filtration accuracy between 0.01~500um.

Industrial filter element, filter material is many kinds. Common are, glass fiber, chemical fiber, polyester, stainless steel (a variety of models such as 304 304l, etc.), nickel microporous, linoleum, water repellent network, and so on. General industrial filter element will have a variety of materials composite composition has reached the use of environmental needs.

Support material, mainly related to. Stainless steel (various models such as 304 304l, etc.) cold rolled steel sheet engineering plastics, etc

The end cover is made of almost the same material as the support material

The design of the end cover of industrial filter element needs to be fully matched with the use environment.

The final conclusion: the industrial filter element is a high-end filter industry, must have their own main body of the R & D department needs to have advanced production machines and testing equipment

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