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The structure composition of the sweeping robot

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Cleaning systems

  • The cleaning system is divided into the following types:

1. Single suction

The single suction cleaning method is useful for the ground ash, but it is not ideal for the dust accumulated under the table and electrostatic adsorption (the design is relatively simple with only one suction).

2, medium brush pair type

It is good for large particles and carpet cleaning effect, but the ground dust treatment is slightly poor, more suitable for the European carpet home environment. Poor dust cleaning for marblestone floors and wood floors in Asia market (the main surface of the cleaning method is through a glue brush, a brush relative rotation to pick up the garbage).

For the sweeping robot, there may be a lot of built-in cleaning methods, such as linear, edge cleaning, spiral, cross cleaning, key cleaning, etc., but for different kinds of garbage which way needs a microcomputer to decide. Generally speaking, the microcomputer will be based on the kind of garbage sensing, the amount of garbage and so on to determine the need to clean the way.

3, lift V brush type

As the representative of Taiwan model, it adopts the lifting V brush floating cleaning, which can better fit the brush system to the ground environment, relatively speaking, the opposite electrostatic adsorption dust cleaning is more in place (the whole V brush system can automatically lift, and form vacuum negative pressure in the triangle area).

Detection system

  • There are two main detection systems:

1. Infrared sensing

Infrared transmission distance is far, but the use of the environment has very high requirements, when the light or dark household items it can not reflect back, will cause the machine and household items collision time for a long time, the bottom of the household items will be hit by it.

2. Ultrasonic bionic technology

Using bionic ultrasonic technology, similar to whales, bats use sound waves to detect and judge the orientation of household items and space, with high sensitivity and high technical cost. They are used systematically in the aviation industry.

Basic wiring

1. High-speed sweeper motors generally use less than 1000 watts of electricity, so the heat generated by them is comparable to that of electric heating furnaces.

2. General sweeper is equipped with current fuse and "heat protector", so even if the motor is overheated, the temperature can be timely monitored, and the current leading to the motor can be temporarily cut off to prevent problems in the future. It is also equipped with "airflow protector", which acts when the suction nozzle is blocked and the air stops flowing, opens the emergency air suction inlet, and uses the external cool air to inhibit the overheating of the main engine.

Exhaust air filter

The sweeper is fitted with a kind of filter in order to prevent the tiny dust inhaled from leaking out. In addition, cloth bags or paper bags, also play the role of the filter. These filters can prevent very small dust damage to the motor, but also to prevent dirty indoor air.

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