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How often do the Parts of the Sweeping Robot Change

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The replacement frequency of the parts of the sweeping robot mainly depends on the frequency of use. If the frequency of use is not very frequent, then it is better to change it once in about 6 months to 12 months. If it is used frequently, it should be used more than twice every day, then under normal circumstances, it should be replaced once in about 3-6 months

According to using frequency and different family environment, change cycle may not be exactly the same. General side brush around 3-6 months need to change, brush about 6 to 12 months need to change, mesh around 3 months need to change.

1, the Roller Brush. Roller brush is one part of household intelligent robot sweeps the floor,Its function is to sweep up dust that is difficult to suck up , When the sweeping robot works, because of the high-speed rotation of the rolling brush, it can also play the role of polishing the floor.However, the roller brush is easy to tangle hair and is not suitable for use in hairy environments, so not all sweeping robots will be equipped with rolling

2. Side brush. The side brush mainly refers to the two brushes installed in the front and bottom of the sweeping robot. When the household sweeping robot is running, the side brush can finish collecting dust on the one hand and clean the driving wheel on the other hand.

3. Mop Cloth and water tank. Household intelligent sweeping robot will basically take a piece of cloth behind, senior will take a tank of its own, so that when sweeping the floor, you can fix the matter of mopping.

4. Dust box. The dust box is a place for household intelligent sweeping robots to collect dust. Different models of robot dust boxes have different sizes and filters. Generally speaking, the dust box will be equipped with antibacterial filtration materials, which can play the role of sterilization and filtration.

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