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The dyson vacuum roller doesn't work

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  How should you deal with the dyson vacuum cleaner brush when the wheel does not turn? This article tells you some common knowledge.

  1. The pipe connecting the suction head didn't even reach the designated position, or brush a head without electricity. Solution: the connection pipe and unplugged to install, general that can solve the problem.

  2. Due to voltage instability, results in a fuse in the vacuum cleaner. Solution: after sales call, ask professional personage to replace the fuse inside vacuum cleaner. Don't I began to change, so as not to cause permanent damage to the machine.

  3. The power cord poor contact or motor wire loose. Solution: check the power cord or other wires, and can plug the power cord to plug a Pian.

Vacuum Cleaner Brush

  The vacuum cleaner considerations: 1.before using a vacuum cleanerto check all the parts are all in good condition, if have found there is any breakage place to repair in time, and the power cord to see if there is leakage of the case.

  2. use cleaner to clean up, when you need to clean up the trash in the scene is larger in the first, to avoid inhaling vacuum cleaner in jams tuyere or pipeline.

  3. Vacuum cleaner cannot be used for wet dust and some petrol chemical liquid, so it is easy to damage the vacuum cleaner.

  4. The vacuum cleaner, electrical and mechanical bearing had better add lubricating oil regularly every month, avoid smoke into damage.

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