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What is the Actual Experience of Xiaomi's Sweeping Robot?

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With the acceleration of the pace of life, we have less and less time to clean the house. Let the cleaner come in and clean the house. Many friends may not do this.The second is busy work, there is no time to clean, so this time need a substitute, at this time the sweeper robot came into being.

Due to the huge market potential, many manufacturers have started to enter the market of sweeping robot, but the quality is uneven and the technology content is high or low. In this market, Xiaomi sweeping robot stands out. So what are its advantages?What is its technological content and quality?Is it worth buying?

Today we are going to discuss xiaomi's sweeping robot:

1.  The sweeping robot of Xiaomi USES the brushless motor of NIDEC. Its wind pressure reaches 1800Pa and the sweeping brush can float up and down.

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2.  Xiaomi's sweeping robot can sweep a large area of 250 square meters, and its matching battery can reach 5,200 mA. A sweeping robot can sweep such a large area, and its cost performance is also super high.

3.  millet cleaned sweeping robot can accurately, and it USES the sensor of the intimate relationship, m home sweep robot can achieve an accurate distance using sensors by cm, so clean the wall cracks dust completely no problem, here the most is his clean mode, this kind of situation model model has greatly improved than before, for example, such as sweeping the location of the robot after the same washing, can also again for just cleaning effect assessment, and the corresponding model, automatic matching completed until thoroughly cleaned.

4.  for convenience, the user clear monitoring home at any time, millet intentionally sweeping robot also included their m home APP, doing so can make even under the condition of no one at home, you can easily monitor the sweeping movements of the robot and even its position and cleaning paths can be arbitrary switching.

5.  The floor robot, which has a lot of optional modes built in, like random mode, back and forth mode, spiral mode, can really do that, use sensors to identify each room, record them, and then sweep them away.

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