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What are The Symptoms of Poor Quality Fuel Filters?

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Race Car High Performance Panel Air Filter

Not only diesel cars or trucks, but each car has a fuel filter. We often forget the fuel filter in the car's fuel tank. Fuel filters are not the most important in terms of vehicle maintenance, but inferior fuel filters can cause a series of problems. In fact, when we try to diagnose car problems, the symptoms of fuel filter blockage are often overlooked.


All fuel used by the engine passes through the fuel filter. Its main purpose is to protect the fuel injection system from dirt that may enter the fuel.


As time passes, the filter will be reduced and will need to be replaced. Sometimes it gets severely blocked and it will start to affect the engine. Dirty fuel filters can even stop your car from starting.


How does the fuel filter work?

The fuel filter removes any dirt or debris from the fuel before it enters the fuel injection system. It is usually installed somewhere in the fuel line, although in some vehicles it is located in the fuel tank. The fuel is pumped through the filter using the pressure generated by the fuel pump. The inside of the filter is made of pleated, permeable material. It allows the fuel to pass under pressure but blocks dirt particles.


As time passes, the filter material becomes dirty and the permeability decreases. This will limit the amount of fuel that can pass through it and the engine.

It is important to replace the fuel filter regularly. Change approximately every 30,000 miles (50,000 kilometers). If the car is equipped with a diesel engine or driving under extreme conditions, it may vary.


Many passenger cars are now equipped with a fuel filter located in the fuel tank. These are not easy to change and should last for the life of the car. In fact, these filters are typically much larger than maintainable filters, so they may last for about 100,000 miles.


If your car does not start, it may not be caused by a fuel filter. When your engine starts, it will use the fuel in the fuel line. Unless you press the accelerator hard, you can sit there and idling without much fuel. The more common reason for non-starting cars is that the battery is not charging.


There are many other performance-related symptoms of dirty fuel filters.

1. Insufficient engine power

2. Engine stall under strain

3.Random Engine Misfire


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