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Usage of humidifier’s filter

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  With the improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, the requirements for air are also increasing. The use of humidifier has become a necessity for people. The use of humidifier and purifier is to improve indoor air quality, but if you don't pay attention to cleaning in use, these household appliances may become a new source of pollution in the room. But many people don't know how to use the humidifier filterelement. Today we'll share the usage of the humidifier filter.

What is a humidifier filter?

  The humidifier filter is an article that enables the humidifier to make the air meet the standard. The living environment is too dry or too wet, which is not conducive to health. Consumers had better buy their own hygrometer to monitor the change of indoor humidity. In winter, the indoor humidity of heating should be controlled at 30% to 60%.

  1. Use of humidifier filter

Humidifier Filter

  Whether it is a cold fog humidifier or a steam humidifier, there will be a water tank to store the water source for humidification. In daily use, we should frequently replace the water in the water tank, keep the water tank dry when not in use, and avoid breeding bacteria in a humid environment. As the water mist of the humidifier volatilizes into the air, it will affect our health. At the same time, clean and pure water should be used.

  2. Cleaning of humidifier filter

Wick Filter

  When cleaning the humidifier filter, we should use a soft cloth dipped in water or use a soft detergent to wipe it gently. After clearing the dirt, we can wipe it clean. Do not directly place it under the faucet for flushing to avoid short circuit and damage caused by water inflow in the humidifier.

  3. Service life of the humidifier filter

Humidifier Pads Parts

  The service life of the humidifier filter shall not exceed two years, and it shall be replaced at least once every two years to prevent pollution of the humidifier itself.

  4. For the maintenance of humidifier filter    

  Wiping it with soft detergent and cotton cloth and rinsing it. During cleaning, gently brush it with detergent and soft brush. Do not wipe it with steel ball and other objects to avoid damage.

Humidifier Wick Filter

  The above is a summary of the use of the humidifier filter for everyone. I hope it can help you learn how to use the humidifier filter, make the user's air achieve the best purification, find the correct use method and increase the use time.

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