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Top 10 cleaning products for cars (2)

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5. Suede and microfiber towels


Once you wash your car, it's time to dry!


In the past, suede was the main material used to dry car paint, but in the past few years, microfiber dry fabrics have overtaken suede because they are easier to use and easier to dry.


Buy high quality, high GSM quantities of microfiber, because cheap towels will scratch your paint.


6. spray in detail


Another technology that has come a long way in the last few years is detail spray.

A detail spray will give your car a quick cleaning that will get you through the hard times between car washes, or can be used during the drying process to provide a high level of gloss and remove unwanted water stains and spots that may have been missed by the wash.


Simply spray it on paint, decoration or glass and wipe it with a high-quality microfiber cloth to make your hair shine!


7. Polish and wax


These products help protect your pride and happiness from the harm of nature.


It is generally recommended to polish every 6 months and protect your paint with wax to provide an additional barrier against harsh conditions.


Polishing the paint can remove small scratches and swirls caused by dust and debris, and waxing or sealing the paint can provide a layer of sacrificial protection over the paint.

Polishing and waxing products will ensure that your paint stays shiny for years to come.


8. Tires glow


Another major home care tool is tire gloss.The product provides protection from elements as well as makes your tires look brand new.


Be sure to wipe out any excess product, as not doing so will spray black spots on your freshly washed car.


9. Window wiper


From the outside of your car to the inside, clean your windshield and other Windows so you can see better while driving.If your Windows are colored, do not use cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol, as this can damage the color.


Spray a cleaner on the outside and inside of the window and wipe it down with a clean microfiber towel so it doesn't leave any traces.


10. Indoor rags and cleaners


The interior of the car is where you spend the most time in the car, so it wears out the most.


It makes sense to clean and protect these surfaces to ensure they are in good condition.

Regularly clean indoor fabrics with a clean, damp cloth and vacuum carpets and MATS.


Keeping your leather in the showroom condition is easy to clean and apply some leather conditioner regularly throughout the year.


Following these simple steps will help keep your car in top condition and ensure you enjoy all the time spent behind the wheel. 


In addition to cleaning your vehicle, maintenance is critical to the safe operation of your vehicle.

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