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Tips Of HVAC Filters

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Aluminum Frame Panel HEPA Filter for Heating Ventilation and Conditioning

The life of HVAC filters will decrease with time and intensity. HVAC filter is an important part of the machine, so it is necessary to understand the relevant points of attention of the filter material. This article will tell you in detail.


First, the standard way to determine the life of air filters for HVAC equipment is to determine the final resistance value of the filter. Record the pressure difference between the front and back of the filter to determine if the HVAC filter is replaced.


If you don't know when to replace the primary and secondary air filters for HVAC equipment in the absence of differential pressure, you can decide if you want to replace them by following these simple ways:


1. Touch the material with your hand on the outlet surface of the HVAC filter and be prepared to replace it if there is more dust on your hand.

2. When the cleanliness of a clean room does not meet the design requirement, check the air outlet of the HVAC filter to determine whether you need to replace the high efficiency filter.

3. Observe the color of the filter material at the inlet and outlet of the filter, and prepare to replace the filter material when the color of the filter material on the outlet begins to blacken.

4. Under the premise that the HVAC filter reaches the final resistance, the problem that the air supply in a clean room significantly decreases may be the reason that the resistance of the primary and middle effect filter is too large.

5. Check and record the air filter replacement frequently and summarize the best replacement cycle.


So if it is determined that the filter needs to be replaced, how long is the replacement frequency?


1. Regular cleaning of primary and secondary filters

Replacement frequency: the primary filter is cleaned once a month and replaced once every three months. The medium effect HVAC filter is cleaned once in three months and replaced once in three quarters.


Detergent solution: take detergent and purify water to dilute the appropriate concentration, then shake well. Cleaning method: remove the filter and put it into the plastic cabinet. Wash the dust and pollution by pressing. After cleaning, the filter should be checked for damage and can be repaired or replaced if necessary. The cleaning and replacement time of the filter should be recorded timely.


Replacement cycle of the high efficiency HVAC filter

If the high efficiency HVAC filter is damaged and leaked, the number of suspended particles in the clean room should be checked regularly. If it is found that the number of suspended particles exceeds the limit, The leakage should be checked simultaneously and sealed with epoxy resin silicone, the bolts shall be tightened until no leakage occurs.


If no leakage can be guaranteed after inspection, the HVAC filters should be replaced. After replacement, the inspection and replacement of high efficiency filter should be recorded in time, and the cleanliness test should be carried out.


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