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Three Kinds of HEPA Filter Structure and Function are Introduced

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The structure and function of three kinds of high efficiency filter screen equipment are introduced

 1. High efficiency filter screen with partition

As the name suggests, the high efficiency filter screen with a partition refers to the filter screen with a multi-layer baffle type design, its corrugated partition can ensure the distance between the folds, strive to have a large degree of use of the filter material under small resistance.The two sides of the filter material show 180 degrees of folding to form a chip-shaped fold layer. When the filter material is bent, there will be two indentations, which make it form a chip-shaped box fold layer at the end of the separator. Chip-shaped box fold layer can effectively reduce the damage of the filter material.

 2. High efficiency baffle free screen

The filter material of high efficiency filter net without partition is composed of glass fiber filter paper, the outer frame is aluminum alloy material, the separator is hot melt adhesive, the sealant is polyurethane.It is made up of glass fiber filter paper with excellent waterproof and flame retardant properties. The air surface is also installed with plastic-sprayed mesh to ensure that the filter paper is not damaged.It is characterized by its light weight, compact and delicate design, and is very easy to install.

 3. Combined high efficiency filter screen

The filter material of the combined high efficiency filter screen is composed of glass fiber filter paper, the filter paper is ultrafine polypropylene, the outer frame is plastic material, the separator is hot-melt adhesive, and the sealant is polyurethane.It is characterized by large filtering area, small operating resistance, long service life, and after the equipment scrapped can also be incinerated treatment, environmental protection and no pollution.


The above is the three different categories of efficient filter screen, these filters are each have their own advantages, according to different use environment and user's different needs for use.In the modern society, an efficient and energy saving filtering equipment is essential.

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