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The working principles of a humidifier

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 At present, the common humidifiers on the market have the following three working methods, and the purposes are same, to increase the humidity in the air.

1. Thermal humidification type:

The working principle of the humidifier: The working principle of this humidifier is simple. In short, it boils the water and turns the water into steam and emits it into the room, so as to achieve the purpose of humidification. One of the biggest advantages of this type of humidifier is that it must be sterile humidification with extremely high purity. It is indeed a "pure humidifier". Due to the principle of this humidification method, the generated water vapor can also rise to a sufficient height indoors, so that the "overflow" range of the second type of humidifier is further expanded. In addition, water vapor is actually invisible to humans. The white "water vapor" we can see in the past is nothing but water mist that spreads in the air.

The main disadvantage of this type of humidifier is that it consumes a lot of electricity. The general design needs almost two or three hundred watts. After one night, it consumes three degrees of electricity or even more. Due to the sufficient power supply abroad, most of these humidifiers are used.

Another advantage of this type of humidifier is that maintenance is easier and it is easy to achieve a large amount of moisture.

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2. Ultrasonic humidification type:

How the humidifier works: Ultrasound refers to "sound" waves with frequencies beyond the audible range of the human ear, and is still a mechanical wave that propagates in objects in the form of longitudinal waves. The working principle of the ultrasonic humidifier is to use a transducer to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, atomize the water with a rapid vibration in the water, and spread it into the air, so as to achieve the purpose of humidification. The main advantage of this type of humidifier is that it is more power-saving. Due to the high efficiency of the transducer and circuit, the power consumption of this humidifier is only 30 or 40 watts, and it can not use half a kilowatt-hour of electricity overnight, which is indeed very economical. Its humidification work is also intuitive, and the white mist makes people comfortable. However, the humidification capacity of this kind of humidifier is not too large, and it is generally suitable for use in small bedrooms.

The main disadvantage of this type of humidifier is frequent maintenance. Generally, maintenance work should be carried out every four or five days, because a layer of green moss will soon form on the potassium sodium tartrate crystal transducer. It directly affects the atomization, and the water mist is gone! Fortunately, various manufacturers provide cleaning agents for random sales, and the cleaning work is not troublesome, and it is easy to master.

Another disadvantage of this type of humidifier is that it is easy to form secondary air pollution. If the cleaning is not in place and the water quality is not good, it is not good for human health. It's better to use cool boiled water, so it's not easy to leave white powder in front of the humidifier. According to an authority on medical devices, secondary pollution caused by inadequate cleaning of medical ultrasonic nebulizers (consistent with the principle and composition of household ultrasonic humidifiers) is closely related to the aggravation of respiratory tract infections in children in winter.

3. Fan humidification type:

How a humidifier works: A typical feature of this type of humidifier is the use of a low-noise fan inside the humidifier, which works by using a highly absorbent item like a towel (of course not a towel) to absorb moisture first.  At the same time, let the fan continuously force the circulation of air to take away the moisture and distribute it into the air.

This type of humidifier is generally exquisitely designed, can maintain the balance of the water surface, has no unbearable noise, and has a large amount of humidification. This method also makes the humidification process relatively pure, so some manufacturers also call it the "pure" type.

Its main advantage is power saving and partial air purification due to forced air circulation. The disadvantage is that high-quality fans must be used, so the price is higher, and maintenance work is also required, but it is not as frequent as the maintenance required by ultrasonic humidifiers.

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