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The role of automobile air conditioning filter element

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When the car is running with the air conditioner on, it is necessary to inhale the outside air into the carriage, but the air contains many different particles, such as dust, pollen, soot, abrasive particles, ozone, odor, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, benzene and so on.

If there is no air conditioning filter filter, but these particles into the carriage, not only make the car air conditioning pollution, cooling system performance is reduced, and the human body inhalation of dust and harmful gases after people have allergic reactions, lung damage, ozone stimulation and mood irritability, and odor influence, all affect driving safety. And high quality air filter can absorb powder tip particles, reduce respiratory pain, reduce irritation to allergic people, driving more comfortable, air conditioning cooling system is also protected. Please note that there are two kinds of air conditioning filter elements, one is not activated carbon, the other is containing activated carbon (consult clearly before buying), containing activated carbon air conditioning filter elements not only have the above functions, absorb a lot of odor and other effects. The general replacement cycle of air conditioning filter element is 10000 km.

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1, can make the air conditioning box close to the shell, to ensure that the unfiltered air will not enter the carriage.

2, can separate the air, dust, pollen, grinding particles and other solid impurities.

3, can absorb the air, water, soot, ozone, odor, carbon oxide, SO2, CO2, etc.; Strong and durable absorption of moisture.

4, can make the car glass will not be covered with water vapor, so that the passenger line of sight is clear, driving safety; Can provide fresh air to the driving room, avoid the driver inhalation of harmful gases, ensure driving safety; It can kill bacteria and deodorize.

5, can ensure that the air in the driving room is clean and does not breed bacteria, creating a healthy environment; Can effectively separate the air, dust, core powder, abrasive particles and other solid impurities; Can effectively intercept pollen, to ensure that the crew will not have allergic reactions and affect the safety of driving.


Cleaning Tips:

If the filter element is dirty, then blow compressed air from the opposite side to clean.

5cm(cm) away from the filter element, hold the air gun and blow at 500kPa for approximately 2 minutes.

The filter element of air conditioning is very easy to catch a lot of dust, compressed air can blow away the dust, do not clean with water, otherwise it is easy to waste.


Replacement prompt:

Generally speaking, the car air conditioning filter how long to replace, in fact, depends on your car, the general city family car, half a year to replace once, or a year to replace once. If you usually drive on the road, more dust into the car will be more dust, so it will cause air conditioning caused by very dirty, and some users like to stop under the tree, or temporary stop, next to the tree, the fruit of the tree will fall on the air conditioning filter inlet, this will also cause air conditioning filter is very dirty, need to be replaced in advance. In addition, the frequency of air conditioning use in different seasons will also have a certain impact.

After use for a period of time, the activated carbon filtration function in the air conditioning filter element will decline, so you can buy the adaptive air conditioning filter element in the 4S store for replacement.

1, if the air flow from the air conditioning is significantly reduced, the air conditioning filter element may be blocked. First clean the filter element, or replace it if necessary.

2. The frequency of cleaning is determined according to road conditions (dusty roads, etc.). Early cleaning is recommended.

3. The air conditioning filter element should be correctly installed in its position. If the air conditioner is used when the filter element is removed, the dustproof performance may deteriorate, affecting the air conditioner performance

4, the poor air quality of the city is recommended, it is recommended that riders replace the air conditioning filter element twice a year, to ensure your health

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