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The Type of Automobile Air Filter

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Air filters are your engine's first line of defense against harmful pollutants and particles that can affect engine performance and even cause significant long-term damage.It is important part of vehicle maintenance that you should replace or clean of your car air filter regularly.There are more options to replace air filters than ever before, and choosing the best can sometimes be daunting. Use this guide to help you choose the best air filter for your needs.

Paper Air Filters

The paper air filter is perhaps the most common type on the road today. Original equipment in most vehicles, this style of air filter provides a great balance of affordability and functional filtration. Paper air filters are intended to be replaced every 5-10 thousand miles. While they are more affordable than other designs, the cost of replacing them can add up over time.

Gauze Air Filters

The advantages of gauze air filters over paper are considerable; washable, free flowing, and long lasting, these air filters are an easy upgrade for most vehicles on the road. One of the most popular manufacturers of gauze air filters is K&N. With proper maintenance, K&N’s cotton gauze air filters are likely to outlive your vehicle! K&N’s specific design uses oil to trap pollutants and needs to be oiled every 5000 miles or so. While oiled gauze is perhaps the most popular reusable car air filter design, other manufacturers use a synthetic dry gauze which requires occasional cleaning with a proprietary cleaning solution. Both the oiled and dry styles of gauze air filters are frequently used in Air Intake Kits.

Foam Air Filters

Foam air filters are common on small engines such as those found on lawnmowers. Foam car air filters are very rare;However, some manufacturers have begun to provide foam wraps which encase an existing air filter, acting as pre-filter. These packages can significantly increase filtration, but have little effect on inlet density and volume. If your vehicle has to endure very dusty conditions, foam pre-cleaning packaging is a great upgrade that will extend the service interval of your air filter and protect your engine.

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