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The Role of the Humidifier

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1. Prevent women's skin from being tight and chapped; medical research has shown that drying can accelerate the loss of water in the body, which causes the skin fibers to lose their toughness and cause breakage, forming wrinkles that cannot be repaired, and accelerating the aging of the body.

2. the weather in the north in the winter is dry, especially after heating, getting up in the morning often feels dry mouth and sore throat, skin peeling and other symptoms, which are caused by air drying, drying can also cause a lot of harm. Humidifiers are mainly to prevent these problems.

3. to prevent the elderly, children's respiratory tract dry itching, discomfort: air dry easily cause respiratory diseases, especially vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, dry environment is likely to cause asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and other respiratory infections.

4. hot summer and abnormal dry winter, causing excessive loss of human skin moisture, accelerate the aging of life, moist air can maintain vitality, products create a foggy oxygen bar, moisturize the skin, promote facial cell blood circulation and metabolism It relieves nervous tension and eliminates fatigue, making you radiant. Precautions The function of the humidifier is still very large, but it must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions. You can check the safety instructions of the humidifier.

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