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The Fault Treatment Method of Humidifier

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Common fault detection of humidifier

Household humidifier is mainly ultrasonic - based.Small humidifier to bring us moisture life at the same time, it is also inevitable to encounter some glitches.It is necessary to know some basic troubleshooting methods.

No mist

Step 1: Atomized tablets to remove scale

Humidifier has no fog, use tap water for a long time, stay on the scale to make the shock on the water alkali, can not run normally, the fog naturally less or spray out.Treatment: remove lime lime scale.Lemons contain a large amount of citrate, which inhibits the crystallization of calcium salts.

Note: do not use strong acid, is not conducive to maintenance, and there are safety hazards.

Step 2: check if there is anything wrong with the energy changer

Treatment method: open the bottom cover to check whether the insurance is burned, if not, it may be the float stuck, open the water tank with a cup on the machine base and then open to try (with manual float, float is a circle, generally is white) if not spray will be replaced atomization.Some atomization tablets are stainless steel, treatment can not be scraped with hard material, once the metal coating off, atomization tablets can not work normally, fog can not come out, need to replace, but replace the internal atomization tablets, or find the product after sale, because the specifications of the atomization tablets are not the same.

Step 3: check if the fan is blowing

Humidifier works under two conditions :1. Ceramic oscillator vibrates to produce water mist.2. The fan turns to send the water mist out.If it can work but can not see the water spray, improper operation, fan failure.Treatment: too long unused card dead, add a little oil gently flapping it to try, if not to look for the after-sales look.

Change can be

The judgment method that changes energy piece is good or bad

An energy changer, a piezoelectric ceramic, converts electrical energy into mechanical energy;It is an important component of humidifier.After the humidifier is used for a period of time, it is easy to appear that the fog is small or no fog (such as the fountain form only spray spray column no fog), mostly because of scaling, low efficiency or depolarization failure.

The way to judge whether the energy changer is good or bad is to see whether the energy changer is broken or damaged, whether the thin silver layer on its surface is smooth or not and whether it falls off and whether it bubbles.If the bubble appears and part of the thin silver layer falls off to reveal the inside tawny crystal (piezoelectric ceramics), it is inefficient or ineffective for the depolarization of the energy exchanger.Megohm or multimeter R×10K can be used to test for leakage or breakdown.Its leakage is due to the waterproof gasket aging leakage makes the reverse side of the energy piece damp or sticky dirt caused by.Anhydrous alcohol cotton can be used to wipe the front and back of the dirt with a hair dryer drying, generally can return to normal.

In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of the humidifier and extend the service life of the energy changer.Clean and descaling the energy changer frequently.

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